Dandadan: Is it Vamola or Bamora?

Dandadan: Is it Vamola or Bamora? Here's the explanation!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Yukinobu Tatsu

Are you wondering if it is Vamola or Bamora in Dandadan and why there are always multiple names of characters in popular manga and anime series? It can be confusing to encounter this phenomenon if you’re not well-versed in the differences between Japanese and English. Nevertheless, there is a simple explanation that can aid you in comprehending it when you encounter it with your favorite characters in the future.

Is it Vamola or Bamora in Dandadan?

Image: Yukinobu Tatsu

To understand why characters have different names in popular manga series like Dandadan, we must first understand how Japanese works are translated using. Essentially, it is a system of writing Japanese words using Roman letters. This is particularly useful for non-Japanese speakers who may not be familiar with the kanji and kana scripts commonly used in Japanese writing. Romaji allows for greater accessibility and understanding of Japanese text among a wider audience.

With this understanding, we can discuss the character of Vamola/Bamora, who just appeared in Dandadan Chapter 110, as our example.

There are two ways that her name could be written in Japanese: ばもら (Hiragana) or バ モラ (Katakana). ば and バ are usually translated as “Ba” but can also be translated as “Va,” depending on the speaker. This is the difference between “Ba” and “Va” at the start of her name. The translation can also vary because there is no difference between R and L in Japanese, so the translation of the name could be La or Ra, hence the “Ra” or “La” at the end of her name. This is why her name can be either Vamola or Bamora, though the official translation of the character is Vamola.

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Other instances of this happening are Luffy and Vegeta from One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. If someone speaks Japanese, they pronounce the name Luffy as Ruffy due to how the letters L and R work, as discussed above. Similarly, Vegeta’s name is Bejīta when it is in the Hepburn romanization of Japanese.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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