Latest Manga News June 23, 2023 – Black Clover the Stage

Here's the latest manga news for June 23, 2023!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Yuki Tabata and Shueisha

Our dedicated team of manga enthusiasts is devoted to providing you with the latest manga news and updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Whether you’re an experienced fan or new to this exciting genre, we’ve got you covered. Today’s news features the upcoming conclusion of a beloved manga series in July, the unexpected revival of a one-off series that has left fans puzzled, and a theatrical adaptation of a currently ongoing series.

The Manga Anmitsu Okada’s holoX MEETing! will Conclude on July 18th

Image: Anmitsu Okada

According to Shueisha’s Ultra Jump magazine, the manga holoX MEETing! by Anmitsu Okada will conclude in two upcoming chapters. Barring delays, its final chapter will be published in the September magazine on August 19. The manga is also available on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ service, with its final chapter set to be released on July 18, one chapter ahead of the magazine.

WIZARD!! ~Bakuen no Seifukusha~ Gets Rebooted

Image: Kazushi Hagiwara

The upcoming issue of Ultra Jump magazine will feature Tatsuya Shihara’s 51-page, one-shot reboot of Kazushi Hagiwara’s WIZARD!! ~Bakuen no Seifukusha~ (WIZARD!! ~Conqueror of Explosive Flames~) manga. This pilot version of Hagiwara’s BASTARD!! -Heavy Metal, Dark Fantasy– manga will be published on July 19. This announcement left fans wondering why they were rebooting the one-shot pilot instead of concluding the current manga series, which has been on break for a bit now.

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New Stage Play for Black Clover Manga in September

Image: Shueisha

On Friday, Shueisha revealed that a stage play adaptation of Yūki Tabata’s Black Clover manga is in the works, titled Black Clover the Stage. The play will be helmed by director and writer Naohiro Ise, with stage combat under the supervision of Kenta Nitta.

Here is the complete list of actors for the upcoming stage play of Black Clover:

  • Keisuke Ueda as Asta
  • Naoki Takeshi as Yuno
  • Arisa Komiya as Noelle Silva
  • Kōsuke Maiguma as Magna Swing
  • Junpei Mitsui as Luck Voltia
  • Haruto Sakuraba as Yami Sukehiro
  • Yuuka Kato as Mimosa Vermillion
  • Shuji Kikuchi as Klaus Lunettes
  • Norihide Mantani as Lotus Whomalt
  • Shōta Takasaki as Mars

The play is scheduled to be performed at Theater 1010 in Tokyo from September 14-18, and at Kanagawa Arts Theatre in Kanagawa from September 22-24.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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