One Piece Chapter 1089 Leaks Suggest a Disappointing Follow Up to Marines Arriving at Egghead Island

What do spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1089 mean? Here are our thoughts!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Eiichrio Oda

According to leaked information about One Piece Chapter 1089, the Marines’ arrival at Egghead Island may not meet our expectations. It has been ten chapters since we last saw Luffy and his crew on the island, and the latest leaks have caught us off guard. Will Kizaru and his ships remain parked in the ocean at Egghead Island for several more chapters, or will the focus shift between the Lulusia Kingdom and ongoing events? Here is what we know about One Piece Chapter 1089 based on the rumored information from the information provided by these spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 1089 Spoilers

Image: Eiichrio Oda

So far there have only been two sentences leaked for One Piece Chapter 1089, but those two sentences have some pretty big implications and fans are super excited to see what they actually mean.

  • We get people reacting to the news about garp in the newspaper.
  • There’s news about disasters occurring around the world.
  • We get stuff about the disappearance of Lulusia Kingdom. There’s a giant hole where Lulusia Kingdom used to be. The sea levels around it are elevated.
  • We return to Egghead Island and a lot of Vice Admirals are coming with Kizaru and Saturn. There’s a discussion about how to block all exists from Egghead Island.
  • There’s a small flashback with Vegapunk, Sentomaru, and Kizaru.
  • At the end of the chapter, work calls the Gorosei and says “Save me from Luffy,” and we see a double page spread of the Straw Hat Pirates.

To try and understand these leaks, we must talk about precisely what happened with the Lulusia Kingdom and how it can relate to another island we saw previously in the series, Enies Lobby. Even if we don’t get to see Kizaru and Luffy fight at Egghead Island, we will most likely get to learn the lore of how the hole beneath Enies Lobby was made based on the aftermath of Lulusia Kingdom and if the two are indeed related, like many are thinking. This may be exciting news for One Piece lore lovers who have wanted answers for this topic but had given up on ever getting them.

What is Enies Lobby in One Piece?

Image: Eiichrio Oda

The description in the rumors for One Piece Chapter 1089 has brought speculation from fans that this is how the hole beneath Enies Lobby was created. Enies Lobby, also known as the Judicial Island, served as a stronghold controlled by the government in Paradise. The island was called the “afternoon island” and the “never-night island.” It was one of the three significant strongholds of the World Government, and it served as the main headquarters of CP9.

Fans are now speculating that a weapon similar to what was used at the Lulusia Kingdom is the same one that caused the hole below Enies Lobby. This weapon, the Mother Flame, was created by Vegapunk (more on this below). These rumors also bring up old fan theories that Enies Lobby is where God Valley used to be and that the World Government used its power to cover it up and create Enies Lobby in its place. Enies Lobby appears during One Piece Chapter 358 and Episode 263 if you are looking to brush up on your Enies Lobby appearances before we get the rest of the lore that appears to be incoming.

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What is the Mother Flame in One Piece?

Image: Eiichrio Oda

A weapon known as the Mother Flame can instantly destroy entire islands by firing a barrage of lasers at its target. The destruction it causes is so vast that no evidence remains of the target. It is one of the most potent abilities ever witnessed, and only one other ability, the Goro Goro no Mi, has been shown to possess such destructive power. This immense power has led some to speculate that it may be one of the Ancient Weapons, especially if Imu is one of the First Twenty, as hypothesized.

In One Piece Chapter 1060, the Mother Flame weapon was used for the first time. After the Levely, Imu instructed the Five Elders to test the Mother Flame on the island where the Lulusia Kingdom was located. The Five Elders agreed, and Topman Warcury mentioned that the test results could impact their approach to dealing with Vegapunk and Egghead. The Mother Flame was sent to the Lulusia Kingdom and destroyed in seconds, erasing evidence of the island’s existence.

We will revisit the Lulusia Kingdom in One Piece Chapter 1089, which is exciting because we haven’t seen the aftermath for ourselves. Instead, the World Government told everyone that the kingdom doesn’t exist anymore, and it was assumed the residents all died. However, you have to remember that Vegapunk said he wouldn’t create a weapon like this, so is it possible the Kingdom may have just been transported somewhere instead of being destroyed? We will soon find out if any or all of these theories are correct once One Piece Chapter 1089 is released.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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