One Piece Chapter 1093 Spoilers, Release Timeline, and Recap

Here are One Piece Chapter 1093 spoilers and release timeline so you don't miss out on any action!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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During One Piece chapter 1092, we see Kuma reach Mary Geoise but is severely injured. The chapter ends with Luffy catching Kizaru in his hand while in Gomu Gomu no Gigant form. Luckily, we are done with breaks (at least for now) and are back to a typical release timeline. However, waiting even a week is too long to see what happens next. For this reason we will have One Piece chapter 1093 leaks, so you don’t have to wait! Here’s everything you need to know about One Piece chapter 1093.

One Piece Chapter 1093 Spoilers

One Piece chapter 1093 spoilers and raw scans have been released:

  • One Piece chapter 1093: “Luffy Vs. Kizaru”
  • Reader request on the cover: Tarsiers are stealing Koby and Helmeppos’ glasses.
  • Chaphter 1093 starts with Kizaru getting spun around by Luffy. However, Kizaru’s expression is unchanged, as he is very calm.
  • Cut to the Control Room where Vegapunk decides to go to “Fabirio Phase” with Sanji and Atlas. They want to save Bonney and to change Pacificstas’ orders with the Authority Chip. Vegapunk will use his own vehicle: The Vegatank.
  • Vegapunk refers to bonney as little child and talks about her as if she’s a really small kid (it seems Bonney’s real age may be younger than we think).
  • Nami, Usopp, and Edison remain in the Control Room. Jinbe is carrying all vegapunk’s stuff to the back of the island. Lilith is using Franky Shougun to carry Thousand Sunny at the same point that Jinbe is going to. Franky is going down to the “Fabirio Phase” too.
  • Cut to the “Fabirior Phase.” Bonney is there fighting against Marines. Sentoumaru saved her when Bonney was falling down after she hit Egghead barrier, then passes out.
  • Cut to Zoro vs. Lucci. Zoro’s swords have flames on them and Lucci is using his Awakened form (Kaku doesn’t appear in this chapter).
  • Zoro: “With this level you won’t get to fight our captain!”
  • Lucci: “It is worth killing the Number 2 of a Yonkou’s crew!”
  • Back to Luffy vs. Kizaru.
  • Luffy throw sKizaru into the sea.
  • Kizaru: “Oooh, I’m going to fall into the sea…”
  • However, Kizaru flies back and creates multiple light clones of himself (it seems it’s an extension of his “Yasakani no Magatama” technique). Kizaru’s clones give Luffy minor injuries with their light swords.
  • Luffy uses “Gomu Gomu no Dawn Stamp” to destroy all Kizaru clones, but the real Kizaru is not there. The real Kizaru has returned to the Control Room to kill Vegapunk, but he is already gone.
  • Kizaru flies towards the Vegatank and attacks it with light, but Luffy follows him and defends the Vegatunk. Luffy then takes in Kizaru’s light and splits it in multiple directions.
  • The Vegatank arrives safely at the Fabirio Phase.
  • The chapter ends with Atlas overwriting Kizaru’s order to the Pacifistas. However, in the last panel, the scene changes and we see Saturn staring menacingly…
  • End of chapter. Break next week.

One Piece Chapter 1092 Recap

In One Piece Chapter 1092, “Kuma the Tyrant’s Holy Land Rampage,” Kuma makes his way to Mary Geoise and causes significant destruction to the city. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki appears in Mary Geoise and confronts Kuma. Kuma manages to escape by teleporting away but loses a leg and part of his face from Sakazuki’s attacks. Sakazuki remembers when he captured Bonney two years ago, after the Summit War of Marineford. The Pacifista Mk has neutralized the Sea Beast Weapons. III, and the Marines have invaded Egghead’s Fabiriophase.

Luffy and Kizaru fight. Kizaru simultaneously knocks Luffy through the Frontier Dome and destroys the Vegaforce-01 in a single strike. He then kicks Bonney through the Frontier Dome as well. Atlas, Edison, and Vegapunk manage to crack York’s security codes. Kizaru appears before the SSG and the Straw Hats inside the laboratory. Luffy returns in his Gomu Gomu no Gigant form and catches Kizaru in his hand. The Iron Giant’s eyes suddenly activate after hearing Gear 5’s Drums of Liberation.

One Piece Chapter 1093 Release Timeline

The One Piece chapter 1093 release timeline is 1:00 AM JST on Monday, September 25, 2023. Here are the time zone conversions for the most common cities:

  • 8:00 AM PST Sunday, September 24
  • 9:00 AM MST Sunday, September 24
  • 10:00 AM CST Sunday, September 24
  • 12:00 PM EST Sunday, September 24
  • 1:00 PM AST Sunday, September 24
  • 2:00 PM BRT Sunday, September 24
  • 5:00 PM GMT Sunday, September 24
  • 7:00 PM CEST Sunday, September 24
  • 9:30 PM IST Sunday, September 24
  • 11:00 PM ICT Sunday, September 24
  • 12:00 AM PHT Sunday, September 25
  • 1:00 AM JST Monday, September 25

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Where Can You Read One Piece Chapter 1093?

You can read One Piece Chapter 1093 for free on Viz Media’s website. In addition, the three most recent chapters are also available on the Viz Media website for free if you need to catch up on previous chapters before Chapter 1093 releases. If you are reading on a mobile device, you can also download the Shonen Jump app and read all official Shueisha Manga, including One Piece.

- This article was updated on September 21st, 2023

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