One Piece Chapter 1095 Leaks and Raw Scans Reveal the Heartbreaking History of a Familiar Face

Leaks for One Piece Chapter 1095 have revealed the heartbreaking past of one of the series' most tragic figures.

by Drew Kopp
Image: Image: Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, and Viz Media, altered by Attack of the Fanboy

One Piece Chapter 1094 saw Saint Jaygarcia Saturn of the Five Elders arrive on Egghead Island, and the chapter’s final pages hinted that there was bad blood between him and the Strawhat Pirate’s ally Bartholomew Kuma. One Piece fans have been waiting a week to find out how Saturn and Kumo are connected, and leaks for One Piece Chapter 1095 have revealed Kuma’s past is tied to one of the many atrocities committed by the Celestial Dragons. Here’s everything you need to know about the leaks for One Piece chapter 1095.

One Piece Chapter 1095 Leaks

Image: Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, and Viz Media

Here is everything that goes down in One Piece Chapter 1095, according to the leaks.

  • The Marine Vice Admirals attempt to move in to help Saturn after Jewelry Bonny stabbed him, but he tells them he doesn’t need their help before transforming into his monstrous shadow beast form.
  • Saturn unleashes a beam attack from his eyes, knocking out almost all of the Strawhat Pirates and their allies.
  • Saturn picks up Bonny, who angrily claims that Saturn killed her father.
  • Saturn reveals that Kuma had once been a slave of the Celestial Dragons and is a descendent of the “Buccaneer Clan,” who allegedly committed a grave sin.
  • A flashback to forty-seven years ago reveals that Kuma was born to a member of the Buccaneer Clan and a regular woman and that their family was captured and enslaved by the Celestial Dragons.
  • Kuma’s mother and father died during their enslavement, but not before instilling their son with the hope that Nika would return and save him.
  • Another flashback to thirty-eight years ago reveals that the Celestial Dragons host an annual “human hunt,” where they release defiant slaves onto an unannexed island before slaughtering them and the native inhabitants. Their island of choice this time is God Valley.
  • Kuma is caught trying to escape but is saved by two other child slaves, a young Emporio Ivankov and a young girl named Jinny, who ask if Kuma wants to live.

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What is God Valley?

Image: Eiichiro Oda, Shueisha, and Viz Media

God Valley is an island that holds significance in the history of One Piece‘s world. The island served as the site of a brutal battle between the Marines and the Rocks Pirates, a ruthless pirate crew whose members consisted of future World Emperors like Edward Newgate, Charlotte Linlin, and Kaidou. The Rocks Pirates were so dangerous that the Marines, led by Moneky D. Garp, forged a temporary alliance with Gol. D. Roger and his crew to take them down.

God Valley is also the home island of “Red-Haired” Shanks, as the boy was found locked in a chest by Gol. D. Roger after the battle. This ties God Valley to all four of the World Emperors, showing just how important it is to One Piece‘s story.

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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