When is the One Piece Timeskip?

Here's a complete guide on when the One Piece timeskip happened and much more!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Do you have questions about the One Piece timeskip, like when it occurred, why it was necessary for the story, and whether you should start reading or watching One Piece before or after the timeskip? These are all valid questions, so we’ll delve into the exact timing of the One Piece timeskip in the manga and anime and the reasons behind its necessity for the story’s progression. Lastly, we’ll explore the events in the One Piece universe beyond the Straw Hat Pirates, so you can understand what changed and why.

When Was the Timeskip in One Piece?

Image: Oda Eiichiro

In the One Piece series, the term “timeskip” denotes a two-year interval in the storyline between Chapters 597-598 and Episodes 516-517. This break divides the plot into two distinct parts: the Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga and The Final Sea: The New World Saga.

Why Did the One Piece Timeskip Happen?

Image: Toei Animation

After receiving advice from Rayleigh that he would need two years to master Haki, Luffy instructed his crew to take a two-year hiatus for training and improvement before their reunion. In an interview, Eiichiro Oda confirmed that the time skip was due to Luffy’s lack of strength to confront Yonkou. The government believed that Kizaru and Kuma had defeated the Strawhats, so they ceased pursuing them during the break. When the series returned, every member of the Straw Hat Pirates was stronger than before.

Here is how every member became stronger:

  • Luffy: He mastered all 3 Haki, gained Gear 4, learned new techniques like red hawk, and became generally stronger.
  • Zoro: He developed his armament and observation Haki, improved his swordsmanship skills, and, similar to Luffy, gained overall strength.
  • Nami: She gained better weather knowledge, an improved weapon, and her infamous boobs upgrade.
  • Ussop: He has acquired some cool plants that he uses as projectiles alongside his weapon. He has become stronger and braver, boasting a six-pack.
  • Sanji: He gained his armament and observation Haki. In addition, he gained sky walk, Okama recipes, and Okama-related PTSD that would become important later in the series.
  • Chopper: He has developed a new form, known as the kung fu point, that only requires rumble balls for him to transform into a monster point, which he can now control. He seeks to expand his knowledge of medicine, improve his marketable chibi design, and become stronger.
  • Robin: It appears that she has developed the ability to create clones of herself and execute “gigantesco mano” attacks by merging normal-sized limbs to create giant ones. Additionally, there are rumors that she may have gained more knowledge about poneglyphs from the Revolutionary Army. It’s worth noting that her appearance has changed in the anime as she has lost her tan and her physical assets have increased.
  • Franky: He now has access to the advanced technology of Vegapunk, as well as new inventions such as General Franky, a tank, and a bike. Additionally, he has upgraded his physical attributes, standing six inches taller with improved shoulder strength. It is also worth noting the inclusion of nipple lights.
  • Brook: His spirit can leave his physical form, wielding a sword imbued with ice powers known as the “Chills of the Underworld.” His epithet has been upgraded from Soul King to Humming Brook, and he has grown even more powerful.

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What Happened During the Timeskip in One Piece?

Image: Toei Animation

We have broken down the series of events during the timeskip in One Piece based on their implications for the One Piece universe.

All Major Events That Happened During the One Piece Timeskip

Below is a compilation of significant global events that took place during the timeskip, with a focus on the Three Great Powers:

  • Sakazuki vs. Kuzan: On Punk Hazard, there was a conflict between two admirals vying for the title of fleet admiral. Eventually, Sakazuki emerged as the winner and succeeded Sengoku as the new fleet admiral of the Marines. Meanwhile, Kuzan opted to resign from the Marines.
  • Payback War: One year after the Summit War of Marineford, a conflict arose between the remaining members of the Whitebeard Pirates and the Blackbeard Pirates. The latter emerged victorious, so Marshall D. Teach became one of the Four Emperors.
  • New Warlords of the Sea: Buggy, Edward Weevil, and Trafalgar Law occupy the vacant seats previously held by Gecko Moria, Jinbe, and Marshall D. Teach.

All Minor Events That Happened During the One Piece Timeskip

The following minor events happened during the timeskip:

  • The training of the Straw Hat Pirates for the New World has commenced.
  • Hatchan and Bartholomew Kuma of the Rosy Life Riders are responsible for safeguarding the Thousand Sunny.
  • Sabo recovers his childhood recollections of Luffy and Ace.
  • The protection of Fish-Man Island was assumed by the Big Mom Pirates after the Whitebeard Pirates.
  • The Sun Pirates and the Fire Tank Pirates unite with the Big Mom Pirates, as Capone Bege weds Charlotte Chiffon and their union results in the birth of Capone Pez.
  • Issho and Aramaki became admirals in the Marines and earned the monikers “Fujitora” and “Ryokugyu,” respectively.
  • Trafalgar Law and Koby both gained new positions after the Rocky Port Incident. Law became a Warlord, while Koby became a captain.
  • A year prior, Kuzan became the Titanic Captain of the tenth ship for the Blackbeard Pirates.
  • During the battle between the Kid Pirates and the Red Hair Pirates, the former suffered a defeat., but Eustass Kid lost his left arm in the process.
  • Before the Wano Country Arc, Kozuki Momonosuke and four members of the Nine Red Scabbards traveled from twenty years in the past to arrive in Wano Country. While Kikunojo conducted research on their adversaries, the rest of the group left Wano to look for allies. However, during their journey, the Beasts Pirates began pursuing them.

My recommendation would be to avoid skipping any content both before and after the timeskip. It’s worth noting that the timeskip happens about midway through the series, and skipping any content would mean missing out on content vital for character development and world-building, enhancing the overall experience of the series.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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