Who is Sword Man in Chainsaw Man Chapter 138?

I'm Brennan. But you have to call me... Sword Man. Here's who he is in Chainsaw Man Chapter 138.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Tatsuki Fujimoto

Are you wondering who Sword Man in Chainsaw Man Chapter 138 is? Denji’s reaction was priceless and most of us probably had the same after reading this chapter. Who is this guide and why does he look so familiar? However, he did appear as a minor antagonist, and will be interesting to see why Fujimoto brought him back and what his purpose will serve in Denji’s new life of not being Chainsaw Man.

Who is Sword Man in Chainsaw Man?

Image: Tatsuki Fujimoto

The Sword Hybrid, known as Sword Main, engaged in combat against Makima and Tokyo Special Division 5. As a human-devil hybrid, he merged with the Longsword Devil and appeared as a minor antagonist in the Control Devil arc. In this arc, he confronted the formidable Chainsaw Devil. Sword Man made his debut in Chapter 86. He makes further appearances in Chapters 86, 86, 93, and 94 before returning in Chapter 138.

Sword Man appears as an average-height young man with black, unkempt hair and noticeable dark circles under his brown eyes when in human form. He dons a Fourth East High School uniform over a dark blue drawstring hoodie. While under Makima’s control, he was seen wearing the Public Safety Devil Hunter suit.

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After transforming, Sword Man’s head becomes similar to Katana Man’s, but with a pointed face and two longswords protruding from the back, resembling horns. Additionally, Sword Man’s arms now have blades protruding from them.

Sword Man’s last appearance happens during the Control Devil arc battle, Chapter 94, when Katana Man and Sword Man initiate the fight by leaping forward and slicing a chunk of land into multiple smaller pieces. However, their attack left them open to attack as Pochita descended toward them from behind the debris. Pochita quickly used his chainsaws to defeat the two Hybrids without wasting time.

Fast forward 44 chapters and Sword Man, who had been brainwashed before, approached Denji after his terrible “date” at the karaoke bar with Fumiko Mifune in Chapter 137. He was looking at a recruitment poster for the Chainsaw Man Church and was irritated to see an unknown person next to Chainsaw Man.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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