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Pokemon Go Guide: How To Get Double XP

by Dean James


Pokemon Go is a very different experience overall from the main Pokemon games, but it still shares a lot of the same traits. One things that is similar, but yet different is that rather than raising Pokemon levels, you’re actually continually gaining XP to level up your trainer instead.

Early on in Pokemon Go, leveling up won’t take all that long, as you’re consistently catching new Pokemon and getting up to level 5 to where you can take on gyms. However, once you get there, the leveling will take much longer with duplicate Pokemon only providing 100 base XP each.

Thankfully, there is an item you can obtain that will make leveling much faster, known as a Lucky Egg. The Lucky Egg actually can be purchased with Poke Coins from the start in the game, but for those looking to play the game without spending a dime, you will not get your first Lucky Egg until you reach Level 9.

By activating a Lucky Egg, you will receive double XP for the 30 minutes following its activation. This is very helpful, as anything you do that provides you with XP will be doubled here, making the process twice as fast.

It doesn’t appear that Lucky Eggs can be gotten at PokeStops though, but make sure to let us know in the comments below if you received one, as they are completely different from the regular eggs you can get there.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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