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Pokemon Go Guide: How to Hatch Eggs Fast

| July 10, 2016

Pokemon Go Guide: How to Hatch Eggs Fast GameGuides Mobile  Pokemon Go Guides Pokemon Go Pokemon

Eggs, ever since breeding was introduced to Pokemon, they have been the bane of every trainer’s existence. Still, they’re a really fun and important aspect of the game, they can just get pretty tedious. If this was true of the other games, it is especially true of Pokemon Go, where hatching eggs actually requires you to physically move yourself around the world. And not just a short distance either, you actually have to travel 2 kilometers at the bare minimum. So, to help with this difficult task we’ve made this guide for how to hatch eggs fast in Pokemon Go.

The secret here is pretty much the same as in the base games: get a vehicle. Your two feet carry you only so fast. A bicycle however will get you going quickly and efficiently. A car is even better. Now, it is very, very important that you not play Pokemon Go while you are driving, and especially not on populated roadways. However, if you are a passenger it can do wonders for you.

For the bike you can just open up Pokemon Go on your phone and make sure it stays running as you bike around. You’ll probably even catch a few nice Pokemon on your trip. For the car there are some important things to keep in mind, and I want to reiterate that you really should not play the game as you drive, or you might get yourself or someone else hurt.

So, if you are being safe and you are simply a passenger, here’s the big trick. You can’t be going too fast or Pokemon Go won’t count you as moving at all. Try to keep it open the whole time, as you never know when you’ll be slowing down. But the big key is to have Pokemon Go running while you move slowly, like under 30mph. This usually happens in dense neighborhoods, or on heavy traffic roads. If you’re stuck as a passenger in stop-and-go traffic then you’d better have Pokemon Go out and running.

Finally you can keep your efficiency up by hatching multiple eggs at the same time. You start the game with an infinite use Pokemon Go egg hatcher. You can earn more via level bonuses or by purchasing them from the store. These are limited use, but just make sure that you always have eggs in there or you’re just wasting steps.

There’s unfortunately no way to delete eggs from your inventory just yet, so you have to hatch them all. Longer mileage Pokemon Go eggs usually hatch better Pokemon, but you’ll have to hatch all your eggs eventually, so just try to work through them however works best for you.

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  • J

    Probably one of the dumbest things i read yet about pokemon go. They game tracks your movement via gps and can monitor how have you are going. Go to fast (aka a car) it will not count. Go to slow it will not count… most efficient way is just walk

    • Gup

      Um he touched in going to fast, I leave mine open and in my passenger seat while driving or on when my wife is driving and at around 20 MPhil it still counts I had 3 hatch on our way to Walmart earlier.

      • Kyle Hanson

        Thanks, I was like “did I forget to mention that”, but nope…it’s right there: “You can’t be going too fast or Pokemon Go won’t count you as moving at all. Try to keep it open the whole time, as you never know when you’ll be slowing down. But the big key is to have Pokemon Go running while you move slowly, like under 30mph.”

        • Dan Kabo

          Is that true that it wont track if you’re moving too slow? I work at a convenience store and i have a watch that tracks my steps with like an average of 30k steps a day so i was considering leaving pokemon go open in my pocket while at work. Though for the most part I’d be walking in a circle, working in my specific department, im still walking. I just didnt wanna try it if someone already knows the answer since doing this will surely kill my phone before my shift ends.

          • Stephanie Held

            While you are making a lot of steps at work, it’s not counting your steps but your location. So while at your job it won’t see you as moving at all

          • Autoawesome

            Well…. I hatched an egg in my house! I just walked around all the rooms. It’s very slow if you are in a closed in space! So you would most likely walk the equivalent to 3 miles when it counts as 1….it’s slow but it will work!

          • Dana

            Wait, did you walk 2 km at your house?

          • Gerald23

            Sorry but that’s incorrect. My brother has taped the phone to the ceiling fan in his room while sleeping at night and hatches 3 a night at least

          • It does count any and all walking you do, indoors or out. But as Kyle has pointed out, the app can tell if you’re going way too fast to possibly be on foot or on a bike, and won’t count that toward your eggs.

          • Martin Koša

            moving slow doesnt affect it.I even read moving fast (bus or another public trafic) wont work.
            So my experience since yesterday I donwloaded PO GO – was siting home and app just opened on my tablet on desk,waiting for vibes ….I noticed and even read today – in some places like houses the GPS tracker reset,cant get your exact position etc,so even when my tablet didnt moved for hours horizontaly or verticaly,I “walked” cca 500-1000meters.And at some points when it tried to track me my avatar was moving around neighborhood so I could even find some pokemons,get pokestops etc. if I was fast enough.And today when tralewed work in tram it even tracekd some distance too,but not sure if all the distance from me to work.And now siting at work 7hours and it counted me like 400meters so far.

          • Dan Kabo

            Not sure about public transit but driving under 20mph will count a good amount of it as steps. I’ve been playing since it came out and im a college student but i live off-campus and there aren’t any pokestops near me but on campus there are easily over 100 so I’ve started driving around campus really slow with a buddy who has both our phones. Whenever i do a pokestop run, i have my incubators running and i usually hatch 3-4 during my run and always get a new egg back because of how many stops are on campus.

          • Aaron Phillips

            Moving too slow like sitting lol yeah but walking no your good

          • zihe zhu

            The reason is because the GPS signal isn’t always that accurate. When you are moving around in a small distance, the system won’t count because it thought the GPS signal is not accurate, so it need keep locate on the different spot to be more accurate. That’s the best guess why moving in a small distance doesn’t work.

          • Storm Reidhead

            It’s not true. It only doesnt count if you’re moving too fast.

        • Styooery

          I have to mention that you haven’t really taught anything and the car method is relatively facile due to the variables involved.
          While it’s true that Pokémon Go’s walking mechanic does have an upper speed limit, you’re actually more or less completely at the mercy of mobile towers.
          If you jump from one place to another for either moving too fast or from losing reception [eg temporary obstruction] to one of the towers, the game counts it as a relocation, not traveling and as such, no distance is added against your eggs.

          If you’re going to advise people to drive as a solution, you need to add they need to be on a network with great reception and in an area where towers are everywhere, or there’re no obstructions, otherwise this article is pointless.
          Actually, this article is pointless. Shame on you. Better games journalism needed.

          • Kyle Hanson

            You spend a lot of time in the car right? Most Americans do. I’m not saying “go hop in your car just to play Pokemon Go.” I’m saying “when you’re in the car, go ahead and open the game. IF you are going slow enough, you’ll rack up a decent amount of distance on those eggs.

            Do I really need to point out that people need to not run into walls, or retain cell signal? How about I add “make sure to keep breathing as you play Pokemon Go. Breathing is important if you want to keep living”. Driving has worked for me, it might work for others. Aside from cheats and tricks (strap it to a Roomba!) these are the two ways to get eggs hatching faster, so I shared them.

          • Sanpaku

            I deeply appreciate the Breathing hint! That’s what was wrong with my game, and why I kept passing out!

            Keep up the good work Kyle!

          • Digz

            You’re annoying as fuck man either play the game or shut the fuck up for Christ sake

          • Amy Burgess

            Or you can strap your phone to your dog and let him run around the yard. Lol.

          • Tiffany Diaz

            These people are complete idiots. This was a great article! Who ever doesn’t like it can go figure out how to play on their own honestly. Learn to actually READ the entire article before passing judgement.

          • $100618446

            thanks for the article – a new player who doesn’t know much!

          • andrew

            if you lose signal between towers you’re maybe only losing a few steps, and not enough to count in the km. as long as you’re traveling under 30 mph it will count it. Also, it counts in-game movement. If your character is moving, it’ll count it, but it’ll take really long because the dude/gal’s only moving a couple meters, and it’ll take quite a while to get to .1km+.

          • Turkeyherder

            I can confirm that the game will not count your progress if the reception is crappy. Just last night I was able to catch pokemon, but I was watching my egg counter and it counted 8 meters when I travelled about 6-800 meters.

            On foot, that is.

          • Jonathan Palmer

            No need to get all aggressive on the guy. While there are a dozen articles out there saying the same exact thing, relevant and useful information is posted in the article. The point: There is a trick to help you hatch eggs. What is it? Leave the app on in your car. Simple, but relevant and useful. He doesn’t heckle you when you do your job, so you shouldn’t heckle this guy. Criticism is generally always welcome, as long as it is constructive, but you are crossing the boundary of what is constructive with this post.

          • Aaron Phillips


          • Aaron Phillips

            He was spot on you like the first comment are an ass and need to try things if your phone sucks it doesn’t make this guy wrong he is correct on most all accounts.

          • The truth

            Well aren’t we a bit of a c==8

    • Dude, parking lots. Like seriously, parking lots.

    • Dilligaf

      You are just saying exactly what is in this article.. captain obvious..

    • Chawizawd

      Read it again before you decide to hate in the comment section please >.< and if you want to walk then walk no need to get all face hurt about it.

    • Declan

      I think it uses the pedometer in your phone aswell to make sure you are walking/running/cycling

    • Aaron Phillips

      Any time you are going under 30 like 20 or 25 is best I’m a driver I deliver beer and I got to lvl 20 in a week by going around 20 mph and catching everything is saw and hatching eggs fast as hell and evolving all my 12 candy mons with a lucky egg you are a truly dumb asshole try things before you make yourself look stupid…

    • Daniel Hunt

      Probably one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read about Pokemon Go. So you’re saying its most efficient to walk?
      Unless you’re super human and you can “walk” at 20 mph I don’t see how that’s more efficient than driving. This means that I can hatch my eggs about 10 times faster than you can.
      Just take the time to actually READ the article. It explains that you can’t go to fast while in a car. And you say you can’t move too slow? There’s no such thing. Unless you mean too slow is standing still. But that’s not moving is it?
      You can crawl to hatch your egg, walk, skip, run, or drive your car at 20 mph.
      They all work. The question is how fast do you want your egg to hatch?

    • Alex Taylor

      Haha although I think suggesting someone drive… Even in a no populated are is the dumbest thing I ever read… It really should say absolutely do not drive., some people are able to multitask in this way… But there are some real fuckholes who would most likely kill themselves attempting this…

      Other then that great article.. Actually just came for the max speed lol but the other info didn’t hurt!

    • Teddy behr

      Did you even listen? It saidkeep it under 30 mph. Ive hatched 10 eggs already by car through this method on the highway during rush hour.

    • Zachattack3211

      Actually I just go to a park and swing with the app open and in my pocket and it works just fine I hatched 3 eggs in just a few min

    • Dez

      actually About 8 miles per hour is the perfect rate on a bike.

    • lansed

      Um. No. Skateboard or scooter goes off for egg hatching

    • Stardust 424

      It actually does track your speed. You have to stay under 10 mph. He knows what he’s talking about. Just leave him alone he’s just trying to help

  • derpwat

    lol it’s a little retarded to use a car to hatch eggs tho, unless you just so happen to have to drive somewhere which doesnt require any remote urgency.
    the point of the game is that you move around, let your fatty rolls jiggle so you can lose a pound or 2 while also having fun, even if its just by yourself.

  • Anon

    FYI Velcroing your phone to a ceiling fan on low does not work… and is probably dangerous so no need to try lol.

    • GrimXi

      Lmao! Thanks for the heads-up bro. Haha

    • YouTube•-•

      It actually does work I just tried it and got .1km in under a minute XD

    • Jonathan Palmer

      It will work if you turn your fan to a lower setting XD

      • Kassie Houck

        Way to be lazy congrats

        • Joseph

          Says the person reading and commenting on how to cheat the egg hatching system…

          • Kassie Houck


  • lorelaihalpertbing

    Anyone else having issues with the Pokemon from your eggs not showing up? Like, they’ll disappear from the eggs page and the incubator will become available again, but I never see the hatchling? Is this common? Am I being dumb?

    • jarroz

      Did you look in your pokemon list to see if theres any new ones in there? I had one that did that. No hatching animation, just disappeared from the eggs.

      • Lizzy Minion

        It’s happened a few times. Go to pokemon then go to the recent tab it will show what ya got

  • nohaaj

    noob here. I put my 10K egg in my incubator , and went for a vigorous walk,and left the pokemon Go on, checking continuously for critters. even charted the walk on my Health meter. After 30 minutes, got 2+ mile on the health monitor, and zero KM on the incubator. Am I missing a step?

    • AS

      For me it is registering but it is taking very far behind. I used a GPS app to track my distance, walked 1.1 km and only registered .2 km for my egg with it running the whole time. Pretty crap if you ask me.

      • chad long

        Not only does the app need to be running. But it has to be on screen. So no running in the background.

        • MTL

          “But it has to be on screen” That’s what I wanted to know. It suck tho. needing to have the screen lit up. That would eat my battery in a matter of 1-2 hours. Are you 100% sure on it? The app does notify me if pokemons are appearing when the app is open but the screen shuts down. Why wouldn’t it count my steps? I don”t get it.

    • Trevor Jessup

      I put 60km on my work vehicle going on between 5 and 18 mph in a 12 hour period and only accumulated maybe 10km. Even when outside walking it doesn’t seem to always register all your distance traveled. I noticed a lot of times the loading symbol keeps popping up so its got to be a connectivity issue with the game, hopefully they fix these issue quick.

  • S

    So shaking my phone as I drive is a waste of time? I thought the pedometer sensor thing in my phone needs to be trigerred to count my steps :|

  • I’ve hatched a few eggs with some walking but mostly I’ve done it driving at 10mph in my car. I’m looking to get a bike even if it’s borrowed to get to hatching even quicker. As cycling does count as you are out engaged in physical activity. Which is the main reason of the game.

  • James

    Thank you for this article. Disregard the people criticizing you, they are either too stupid or have a learning disability which prevents them from taking good general information like this and turning into workable knowledge. All the people complaining that a car cannot work… Clearly not the sharpest tools in the shed. Good article!

  • Megan O’Brien

    My egg didn’t just disappeared. Any idea what’s wrong? I was at 4.8km and it just vanished.

    • Kachmatt54

      Check your pokemon inventory, should be there

  • Wat

    I have my phone taped to the ceiling fan right now. Despite the phone going around in a small circle, it’s counting and hatching eggs for me. As long as you’re smart with how you secure the phone it’s a cheap, fast, and easy way to get around it.

    • carla8478

      Thanks for the idea. I play mostly off wifi and I could do this off home network.

  • DeAngelio Mostinterestingman O

    Chasing my kids worked for me in 10 minutes I got 2 km out of 10 km and 2 km out of 5 km

    • KitN

      Better yet, strap the phone to your most active kid. :-)

  • Jhonny

    To maximize the utility of the hatcher with only 3 uses, put your longest distance eggs in there (10km or else 5km). In the mean time, put the 2km eggs in the infinite hatcher to quickly breed out those eggs and get new ones.

  • Aaron Smith

    hello i just read eveything you said another good way is to go on a train lol believe it or not that works done it myself

  • Traffer64

    Great article. Was wondering why the car wasn’t picking up the distance. Also curious is this the case for catching Pokemon too? On a 9 hour car ride at 60mph and my Pokemon keep getting to 1-2 footprints and disappearing.

    • Troy Riffle

      It’s because you are traveling to fast and leaving the area before they pop up on your screen.

  • Troy Riffle

    Actually walking around in circles even counts. As long as the character moves it count. Whether he or she takes steps on the map it counts. That’s what I’ve noticed. I walk around my house and it counts. Granted you do have to have the app up tho.

  • Juan Roberto Cuellar Lozano

    I know this quiestion might be stupid but the phone has to be on i mean if i leave the app running but lock the screen will it still count distance or the screen has to be on at all times

    • Itz Hexic

      Yes, it still has to be on the screen

  • Julia

    This is super helpful, thank you! I have sooo many 10 km eggs from pokestops and I only have 1 incubator… it’s takes forever to hatch even 1 of them ? I’ll try this though!

  • carla8478

    Man, why does it have to use GPS, I was hoping it would use the pedometer/accelerometer (sp?) that’s in the phones to track steps and credit you distance. That way I could get distance while moving around doing housework. I have a small data plan and can’t just leave the game running off data all the time. Whine, whine, whine. :)

    • MTL

      Use wifi at home. If you have ofc.

  • K

    But heres the thing for me. I inverted colors on my iphone + wasnt actually on the app. Came back from 0 km to 10km after longboarding.

  • Scott

    I attach my phone to my dog and let him run around the yard. Piece of cake!!!

  • F

    Could putting your phone in your pocket while playing soccer work for hatching eggs ?

  • KD

    Even when I’m out on main streets where im going over 30 I keep it running. Any time I have to stop at a light or slow down for a turn it’s counted. I just make sure my phone won’t turn off and drop it in the passenger seat till I get to where I’m going. Granted I usually only get about .5km but I’m also only driving about 10 min. from home to work. Every little but counts.

  • Aquila Sol

    If you’re in reinforced concrete building (or any other place that messes with your GPS) and you have WiFi there, USE IT to your advantage! Turn on High Accuracy Location. It’ll dump you somewhere. Wait for +-2 minutes. Turn on WiFi (connected to a router). Wait another 2 minutes after it jumps to your location. Turn WiFi back off, wait for it to skip back, then wait another 2 minutes. Repeat.

    My house is reinforced steel. GPS inside is impossible to aqcuire. As such, it puts me some 400 meters away whenever I have GPS on but WiFi off. (Coincidentally right next to a spawn point.) Turning WiFi on puts me inside my house, and after a minute or 2 it registers as having walked 400 meters. I’ve walked over 30km without moving from the sofa thus far.

    Also works wonder for incense, which works better when you move. Every time my GPS skips, a new pokemon spawns right besides me. Caught 24 in the last 30 minutes. (You can jump faster if you’re not trying to make meters, every minute or so.) Also hatched me an egg as it registered another 4.7km. :)

  • PFVN

    I have about a circle around my neighborhood that is about five kilometers. I have been riding my bike around it a lot, but due to it having many hills… I always pass the max speed going down it and using the momentum to easily carry myself up the next hill or further down one of the roads. I almost only ever get about 1.5 kilometers per run, and I already am drenched in sweat. I was hoping you had a more specific time measurement, mostly because I can only get about 10-15 mph down the hills (they are very steep, maybe even 20 mph) but it still doesn’t count. I heard it was under 20 kph, but I can’t be certain.

  • Jess Shaw

    Ive walked at least 2km with tbe app open and the bar on my eggs just isnt moving at all. Is this happening to anyone else?

  • Antwon0165

    Quick question: when you say to leave the app open, can u lock ur phone (iPhone that is) or must the screen stay on because I try to leave the app open and lock my phone and I walked 3-4 miles today and it picked up nothing

  • EJ

    I have an app to turn off my phone screen while P go is still running in the background, and I leave it on while I sleep. The GPS is so inaccurate it constantly convinced I’m walking around so my eggs hatch over night.

    • MTL

      What is the app called? Would be appreciated.

  • Jeremy Jordan

    Or you could just pay a visit to these guys

  • Ian


  • JL

    If you don’t want to exercise and don’t have a car…Tape it to ur dog n let it roam lol

  • Christopher

    Open pokemon go and then tape your phone to the ceiling fan and turn it on lol.

  • paul smith

    Wow, lots of hate here for what’s a pretty fun and carefree game! Lots of pokéragers!

    So i took the game out on my bike with a handle bar mount and a separate bike nav to test this. Depending on where I was, I was getting mixed results and the game appears to sometimes be playing catch up with counting steps (When I got home it added on 0.5k with no movement being animated).

    Long and short of it is anything over 7mph and it seems to stop counting the distance as walking. That’s really slow pedalling, I’d invest in a pair of skates or decent walking shoes.

  • Aceofbeaty

    We often go on family bike rides to play Pokemon and we hatch eggs like crazy, so bike riding is the best method and it’s still exercise!

  • Gino

    Put your phone is your hand and just move it side to side it is the easiest way but it takes long

  • Alex Taylor

    Haha decent article.. I think suggesting someone drive… Even in a non-populated area is the dumbest thing I ever read… It really should say absolutely do not drive., some people are able to multitask in this way… But there are some real fuckholes who would most likely kill themselves attempting this…

    Other then that great article.. Actually just came for the max speed lol but the other info didn’t hurt!

  • bigballz

    Go on the bus is the best way to hAtch eggs on pokemon go

  • jonathan

    I went 30 km/h with my bike and the eggs didn’t track it because i probably went to fast
    so 48 km/h (30mph) IS WAY TOO FAST!

  • Storm Reidhead

    It will read distance if you are going at a max of 15mph give or take. I’ve hatched quite a few eggs doing this, of course, as a passenger. It works great. I basically look at it as, it will read nicely if you’re going at jogging speed. Any more than 20mph is like a sprint so that definitely won’t work. Give it a try. Back roads are the best to do this at.

  • gszeman

    Doesn’t the screen need to be on (lit) for it to count your steps?

  • T

    I try riding my bike or even walking at a fair pace, and it doesn’t count anything. Is it a bug or something because I wanna catch um all that includes the eggs

  • Kathy Eldridge

    Well I just cycled 6 miles with the app open in my backpack and it only racked up 2 kilometers on my eggs…..believe me I don’t cycle very fast.

  • Jenn

    Since the new update, cars don’t work anymore unless youre driving under 10mph now. Trust me. Even at 15 mph it won’t count it.

  • Fuck

    Fuck you assholes

  • Fuck

    Ha Assholes

  • Vince The Bone

    I read in the Niantic site that the speed limit is set at 10.5kph, which is just over 6 MPH. Even biking, you can get going too fast. It’s a little ridiculous, but I guess enough people were cheating in cars.

  • Jamil

    As winter rolls in, walking leisurely is getting nearly impossible. Here in New York, it’s below freezing most nights now.

  • Alexis Ruben Athanasio

    Can confirm that poor reception makes the game not count accurately. In my case I would say that it is between 25% and 40% of your walking that is not counted. Too bad the game does not tell you when it is not counting.

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