All One Piece Locations You Need to Know in Netflix Season 1

Here are all One Piece locations you need to know in Netflix Season 1 so you don't get lost!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Netflix

Season 1 of the One Piece live action show will act as the origin story for the Straw Hat Pirates and will show them embarking on Luffy’s journey to become the Pirate King. However, many locations are essential to the series, not only in Season 1 but for future seasons or if you start reading the manga series. To make learning about these essential locations easier, here is a guide about all One Piece locations you need to know in Netflix Season 1.

All Locations in Netflix’s One Piece Live Action Series

Image: Netflix

All One Piece locations you need to know in Netflix Season 1:

  • The Grand Line
  • The Red Line
  • East Blue Locations
    • Arlong Park in the Conomi Islands
    • Baratie
    • Coco Village
    • Loguetown
    • Shells Town
    • Shimotsuki Village
    • Syrup Village
    • Windmill Village

The Grand Line

Image: Toei Animation

The Grand Line is an ocean route that circles the world, lying to the south of the North and East Blues and the north of the South and West Blues. It is divided from the Blues on both the north and south ends by the Calm Belt, and the Red Line divides the Grand Line into two parts: Paradise and the New World. The Grand Line is home to the world’s most influential people and groups, including the Three Great Powers. The Roger Pirates are the only group to have successfully sailed across the Grand Line, earning their captain the “Pirate King” title. Most of the One Piece manga series takes place in the Grand Line, and we will be introduced to it in Season 1 of the live action series.

The Red Line

Image: Toei Animation

The Red Line is a thin stretch of land that circles the world and, together with the Grand Line, separates the four significant bodies of water: East Blue, North Blue, West Blue, and South Blue. The Red Line takes its name from its reddish hue derived from the mineral composition. According to reports, this line can span an impressive distance of 10,000 meters, reaching from the surface of the sea all the way down to the depths of the ocean floor.

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East Blue

Image: Toei Animation

The East Blue is an expansive body of water found in One Piece, characterized by a collection of widely dispersed islands and surrounded by the Red Line. This particular sea served as the primary location for the initial six story arcs of the manga and anime adaptations. You should know about eight East Blue locations for Season 1 of Netflix’s One Piece live action series.

  • Arlong Park in the Conomi Islands: The hideout of the Arlong Pirates.
  • Baratie: The floating restaurant, ran by Zeff, which is close to the entrance of The Grand Line.
  • Coco Village: The hometown of Nami.
  • Loguetown: Site of Gold Roger’s execution.
  • Shells Town: The location of Marines headquarters.
  • Shimotsuki Village: The location of Zoro’s training origin.
  • Syrup Village: The hometown of Usopp and Kaya.
  • Windmill Village: The hometown of Luffy.

You now know every location that is either important to the series or that the Straw Hat Pirates will visit during Season 1 of Netflix’s One Piece live action series!

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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