Do You Need to Watch Black Mirror in Order?

Learn here about whether you need to watch Black Mirror in order!

by J.R. Waugh
Black Mirror Watch Order
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Black Mirror is once again a hot topic, as it should be with fans consistently put into a state of concern about the series’ prescient, biting satire and cautionary tales. But given that it dips into an alternate world of the past and future, it has fans wondering whether they have been enjoying it wrong. So the question remains: do you need to watch Black Mirror in order, and if so, what type of order?

Black Mirror: Should You Watch it in Order?

You technically don’t need to watch Black Mirror in order as it’s released, since the show often releases episodes chronologically all over the place. But there is one key aspect that makes this assessment tricky: it builds upon its world, with small details, easter eggs, or outright references/callbacks to various tech and characters throughout the show.

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This includes the robot dogs from Metalhead, the ethically complicated Cookies, and the fraught political career of Michael Callow. There’s a world built in this series and it has a murky linear progression, if you look hard enough. Fortunately, some have identified a rough progression of episodes you can follow.

How to Watch Black Mirror in Chronological Order

If you’re feeling up to jumping all over the Netflix episode menu to find these episodes, this is the Black Mirror watch order for you! With a series plot spanning decades, it’s fascinating to see how tech and seemingly fantastical horror entities shape this bleak alternate near-future:

Black Mirror Episode TitleEpisode Number
Beyond the SeaSeason 6 Episode 3
Demon 79Season 6 Episode 5
BandersnatchNetflix Special
San JuniperoSeason 3 Episode 4
Mazey DaySeason 6 Episode 4
The National AnthemSeason 1 Episode 1
SmithereensSeason 5 Episode 2
Fifteen Million MeritsSeason 1 Episode 2
The Waldo MomentSeason 2 Episode 3
Be Right BackSeason 2 Episode 1
Shut Up and DanceSeason 3 Episode 3
White BearSeason 2 Episode 2
PlaytestSeason 3 Episode 2
Hated in the NationSeason 3 Episode 6
Loch HenrySeason 6 Episode 2
Joan is AwfulSeason 6 Episode 1
CrocodileSeason 4 Episode 3
NosediveSeason 3 Episode 1
Men Against FireSeason 3 Episode 5
ArkAngelSeason 4 Episode 2
The Entire History of YouSeason 1 Episode 3
White ChristmasSeason 2 Episode 4
Hang the DJSeason 4 Episode 4
USS CallisterSeason 4 Episode 1
Striking VipersSeason 5 Episode 1
Black MuseumSeason 4 Episode 6
Rachel, Jack and Ashley TooSeason 5 Episode 3
MetalheadSeason 4 Episode 5

The beginning shows some of the darker sides of our society and how it quickly twists technology and concepts, taking them to some scary places. It incorporates images including seemingly archaic runic-looking characters, only to see them used for increasingly menacing purposes later in the show.

Technology begins to overtake society in numerous ways including eye implants letting you browse your memories. It winds up in some truly scary, awful places where people can be completely isolated and blocked out even when directly in public, and peoples’ consciousnesses are replicated and tortured endlessly. Finally, it progresses to the bleakest future where humanity is running for its lives.

So what are you waiting for? Doesn’t this experience sound uplifting? No? But you can’t deny that this approach is a fascinating way to check out the show or rewatch it.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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