Futurama Season 11: Release Date, Time, and Where to Watch

Good news everyone! Futurama is back, and here is all the information you need about Season 11.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Hulu

Fans of Futurama are excited for Season 11 to see what their favorite characters have been doing since the show’s finale almost a decade ago. However, the show is now only available on streaming platforms, so to ensure you don’t miss an episode, here is all the information you need about Futurama Season 11, including its release date, time, and where to watch it.

How Many Episodes are in Futurama Season 11?

Image: Hulu

When the revival of Futurama was announced in 2022, we were given the titles of twenty different episodes. However, Hulu is only releasing ten episodes, meaning Season 11 could be broken into two parts, or the other ten episodes will be Season 12. It is unknown whether the remaining ten episodes were delayed due to the Writers Guild of America strike or if Hulu has other plans. As soon as we know more, we will update this guide so you know when to expect them.

DateEpisode NumberEpisode Title
July 24, 20231The Impossible Stream
July 31, 20232Children of a Lesser Bog
August 7, 20233How the West Was 1010001
August 14, 20234Parasites Regained
August 21, 20235Related to Items You’ve Viewed
August 28, 20236I know What You Did Next Xmas
September 4, 20237Rage Against the Vaccine
September 11, 20238Zapp Gets Cancelled
September 18, 20239The Prince and the Product
September 25, 202310All the Way Down
TBA11The One Amigo
TBA12Quids Game
TBA13The Temp
TBA14Beauty and the Bug
TBA15One is Silicon and the Other Gold
TBA16Attack of the Clothes
TBA17Planet Espresso
TBA18Cuteness Overlord
TBA19The Futurama Mystery Liberry

Based on the provided titles, which Futurama Season 11 episodes are you most anticipating? I am excited for Episode 4 as we may see the return of the parasites who created a city inside of Fry. It also looks like the name of the last episode, “Otherwise,” could work as another series finale. While this is concerning, the creators are good at ensuring we are left with an ending that will satisfy us, viewers, should it be canceled yet again but still leave the series open if the reboot continues.

Where to Watch Futurama Season 11?

Image: Hulu

For viewers in the United States, the 11th season of Futurama will be available on Hulu. However, viewers outside the United States can watch new episodes on Disney Plus, while Latin American viewers can tune in on Star+. However, all three streaming services require a subscription to watch new episodes.

What Time Does Futurama Come on Hulu?

Image: Hulu

New Episodes of Futurama Season 11 will release on Hulu at 3:00 AM EDT / 2:00 AM CDT/ 1:00 AM PDT every Monday. If you aren’t in one of these time zones, we have a handy table below to help you figure out when you can expect new Futurama episodes to drop on Hulu.

Time ZoneTime
Pacific Standard Time12:00 AM
Mountain Standard Time1:00 AM
Central Standard Time2:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time3:00 AM
Atlantic Standard Time4:00 AM
Greenwhich Mean Time8:00 AM
Central European Time9:00 AM
Moscow Standard Time11:00 AM
Indian Standard Time12:30 PM
Bangladesh Standard Time1:30 PM
China Standard Time3:00 PM
Japan Standard Time4:00 PM
Australian Eastern Standard Time5:00 PM
New Zealand Standard Time7:00 PM

Futurama Season 11 Cast

Image: Hulu

The original cast will be returning for Futurama Season 11:

  • John DiMaggio: Bender
  • Billy West: Fry, Prof. Farnsworth, and Dr. Zoidberg
  • Katey Segal: Leela
  • Tress MacNeille: Leela’s mom, Linda, and Nerdbot
  • Phil LaMarr: Hermes
  • Lauren Tom: Amy
  • Maurice LaMarche: Calculon, Kif and Morbo.

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How Did the Futurama Series Finale End?

Image: Hulu

The “final” episode of the Futurama, titled “Meanwhile,” was broadcasted on September 4, 2013. As it has been almost ten years since many of us last saw this episode, here is a comprehensive breakdown of where the series left off before its revival for an eleventh season.

During a package delivery run to Luna Park, Leela is ejected into space and almost dies due to a ride malfunction. Fry becomes anxious that he might lose her again and decides to propose. Meanwhile, the Professor introduces two new inventions: a time button that reverses the universe’s progress by 10 seconds, and a shelter that protects people from the button’s effects. Fry takes the button and, with Bender’s assistance, repeatedly steals candidate diamonds for an engagement ring. He offers the ring to Leela and asks her to meet him at the Vampire State Building at 6:30 pm if she accepts his proposal.

If she doesn’t show up, he’ll assume she’s rejected him. He keeps pushing the button to delay the sunset, but at 7:02, she’s still a no-show. Devastated, he jumps off the roof in an attempt to end his life. However, he sees her approaching and realizes that the building’s clock reads 6:25, while his watch has been working properly throughout all the button presses. He tries to reverse his jump, but he can’t go back to the rooftop because the device needs 10 seconds to recharge, and he’s been falling for longer than that. Consequently, he keeps repeating the same fall from a few feet below the roof, never reaching safety.

The Professor unveiled his latest invention, the Time Button, the following day. This device allows him to rewind the entire Universe by ten seconds. Only those who have used the button or have taken refuge in a “Time Shelter” coated with anti-chroniton-resistant-grout can recall what happened. The crew gathered in the shelter to witness the demonstration, while Dr. Zoidberg entered to show off a ten-dollar bill he found on the street. Professor Farnsworth seized the opportunity and used the button before returning the bill to Zoidberg’s pocket. Everyone laughed at Zoidberg’s confusion. Leela wondered if the button could take her back as far as she desired by pressing it multiple times. The Professor explained that it was impossible since the button needs ten seconds to recharge. Fry then asked if the button could make a moment last forever. The Professor took offense and emphasized that the button was only for scientific purposes before using it again to witness Zoidberg’s disappointment.

Fry and Bender plan to steal diamonds from “Ultra Guy’s Custom Diamonds” without the owner’s knowledge to create an engagement ring for Leela. Fry proposes to Leela at Elzar’s Fine Cuisine, but a giant clam carrying her diamond ring bites off her right hand. Fry uses a button to prevent this, but he wants Leela to accept his proposal at a specific time and place. When Leela is late, Fry assumes she rejected him and decides to jump off the Vampire State Building, but he spots Leela arriving and realizes his watch was out of sync. He tries to use the button to go back in time, but he has been falling for too long and must keep using the button to save himself.

At Planet Express, the Professor warns everyone to enter his anti-time shelter as the button has triggered a continuous time loop. Bender quickly betrays Fry, but they cannot leave the shelter without creating a paradox that would shred their present selves across time while trapping their past selves in the loop. The Professor demonstrates this by throwing a ten-dollar bill outside as the button is pressed. The group carries the shelter to the Vampire State Building, stopping every ten seconds. However, Farnsworth accidentally causes Fry to lose the button, resulting in his death. Leela uses the button to undo this, but she accidentally shreds the Professor, who had stepped out of the shelter. Fry explains their situation to Leela, and they realize they need an exit strategy. Bender saves Fry’s life with his airbag, but Fry accidentally breaks the button, causing time to freeze for everyone except Fry and Leela. The moment lasts forever, as Fry had predicted.

Fry and Leela come to the realization that they can still interact with objects and living things to some extent, such as being able to eat and treating living things as if they were inanimate. They decide to hold a wedding ceremony at St. Koch’s Cathedral, with the Space Pope officiating silently and motionlessly. They also embark on a honeymoon spanning several decades, exploring Planet Earth while taking advantage of the frozen time to walk across the oceans. However, they are constantly bothered by a mysterious glimmer, with Leela suggesting that they either adopt it or eliminate it if it continues to pester them.

As they grow old, they eventually find themselves on the roof garden of the Vampire State Building. Fry intends to propose and once again mentions his desire to make a moment last forever. Looking back on their frozen years together, Leela assures Fry that she has lived a good life and confesses that she has never felt lonely, not even for a minute.

Suddenly, a glimmer appears and transforms into a tunnel. The Professor emerges from it and explains that the button has rotated him into a different time frame that runs at right angles to Fry and Leela’s. He has been tunneling for decades, searching every instant from yesterday to tomorrow for the button. Fry exclaims, “We’ve been right now the whole time!” Later, Fry reveals that he has been carrying the broken button pieces with him for years, having tried to fix it but only making it worse. Farnsworth quickly repairs and modifies the device so that he can reset everything. However, he warns that it will send the trio back to the moment before he invented the Time Button, erasing their memories of all events that took place afterward. Fry and Leela decide to give their life together another try and share a final kiss before the button is pushed for the last time.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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