Here’s Who is Single (and Who’s Not) after Episode 4 of Love Island USA Season 5

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering who is single (and who’s not) after Episode 4 of Love Island USA Season 5? In Episode 3 of Love Island USA Season 5, two men were stolen, which caused a stir among the couples. As a result, some of the single Islanders made moves to couple up again in Episode 4. A new Islander also joined the group, adding an exciting twist to future episodes. To stay up-to-date on your favorite Islanders’ relationship status, here’s everything you need to know about Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 4.

Who is Coupled in Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 4?

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After the recoupling of Marco/Anna and Victor/Carmen in Episode 3, Destiny and Jasmine became single once again. However, the most significant change during episode 4 of Love Island USA Season 5 was Kassy calling it off with Leo after he was flirting with every other girl in the villa, despite her wanting them to be a couple. In addition, Keenan told Kassy she was the only other person he was attracted to in the villa, shocking everyone, including Kay Kay.

Kay KayKeenan
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So far, no Islanders have been eliminated, but that appears to change according to the exciting teaser for Sunday’s episode (Saturday will be an episode of Unseen Bits). Be sure to tune in at 9:00 PM EDT / 6:00 PM PDT on Sunday so you don’t miss out on any scandalous action!

Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 4 Recap

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During a recent episode, Jasmine expressed her desire to share a kiss with Victor but, he supposedly felt awkward with the exchange. Now, with Victor coupled with Carmen, Jasmine is feeling disappointed and frustrated. Meanwhile, Marco has put his past with Destiny behind him and is now coupled with Hannah. Kassy has also moved on from her pursuit of Leo, as she was uncomfortable with his flirty behavior toward other women on the island. Kassy has found a new love interest in Keenan and is excited about the potential for a fresh start.

During their interaction, Kassy and Keenan expressed their mutual feelings for each other while Kay Kay anxiously watched. In a private confession, Kassy revealed that Keenan was exactly the kind of person she had been searching for, despite them only talking once. In the meantime, without Kassy around, Leo and Anna seemed to hit it off and are likely to become a couple during the next recoupling ceremony.

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As the group gets ready for the masquerade party, the newest Islander, Harrison, makes is Love Island USA Season 5 debut and immediately catches the attention of the female Islanders with his tall, 6’4″ Australian physique. Jasmine lost interest in Victor and became enamored with Harrison, while even Anna, who had been focused on Leo, couldn’t contain her excitement upon meeting the new and intriguing addition to their group.

The game took an awkward turn when Keenan kissed Kassy, but she pulled away immediately. Later, during confession, Kassy claimed she didn’t want to disrespect Kay Kay, but her explanation was met with skepticism. During a preview for Episode 6 on Sunday, it appears that Keenan has words with her about this reaction to his attempted kiss.

Jasmine and Harrison shared several kisses during the masquerade game and later had a conversation. Although Jasmine believes she has a good chance of being coupled with him, Harrison doesn’t share the same enthusiasm because he wants to “sample” the other Islanders before choosing who he wants to be coupled with.

At the end of Episode 4, Keenan questions his decision to pursue a relationship with Kassy. He has come to understand that his actions hurt Kay Kay, despite things going well between them before his interest in Kassy. Although Kay Kay hasn’t explicitly stated that she will dump Keenan, she seems no longer interested in his wavering commitment and flirtatious behavior.

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- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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