The 4 Scariest Demons in The Conjuring Series, Ranked

The Conjuring series has introduced the scariest demons in modern cinema, so let’s rank them!

by Kiona Jones
Image: Warner Bros

When Director James Wan gave us the first Conjuring movie, we didn’t know what to expect. We knew it would be scary because Wan is an expert at putting us on the edge of our seats. We just didn’t realize how extensive this series would become or that he’d give us enough demons to put in a ranking. Here are the demons of the Conjuring universe ranked by which one is the scariest.

The Conjuring Series and its 4 Scariest Demons:

4 The Crooked Man

Image: Warner Bros

Nothing says creepy like a tall slender man in a striped suit chasing you through the house in the middle of the night while reciting nursery rhymes. It’s even worse when he’s got razor sharp teeth and a smile so wide, you’d have thought the Joker cut it himself.

Someone decided The Conjuring didn’t have enough villains. So, they brought in more nightmare fuel for its sequel The Conjuring 2 in the form of Crooked Man (Javier Botet). He’s not exactly the worst of these scary demons. Still, anything that freakishly tall and gangly with the ability to run unnecessarily fast and possess children deserves at least one spot on the list.

3 Bathsheba

Image: Warner Bros

One of the scariest freeze frames of all time comes courtesy of The Conjuring. The oldest daughter in the Perron family bravely opens a dresser to investigate strange noises. When she realizes they’re coming from on top of it and not from inside, the camera pans up and we’re confronted with the monstrous face of the demon Bathsheba Sherman (Joseph Bishara).

If this image didn’t make your soul nearly leave your body, then you’re one of the lucky ones. This image is stuck in my mind and is probably never leaving it. Kudos to the makeup department, though, for emotionally scarring us for the price of a movie ticket.

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2 Annabelle

Image: Warner Bros

There’s something about dolls that leave you covered in goosebumps. Something about those cold dead eyes in a child-like face always seem to promise movement when no one is looking. The Conjuring introduced her into the franchise as a good deed gone terribly wrong when two roommates unknowingly allow a demon to possess their doll.

Don’t let the pigtails, Sunday dress, and rosy cheeks fool you! Annabelle collects more bodies than red ribbons. Her first movie Annabelle went off without a hitch and so did the sequels Annabelle: Creation and Annabelle Comes Home. That’s not even counting her Easter egg appearances in other Conjuring movies.

1 Valak

Image: Warner Bros

Naturally, the number one spot on the list is reserved for the scariest of all. Valak (Bonnie Aarons) might dress like a nun, but she’s got the face of a rapidly decaying corpse. She’s been making a horrific name for herself since being introduced in The Conjuring 2.

Valak was such a hit with fans that she’s now starring in her own series with The Nun and The Nun 2. This shape-shifting demon doesn’t hold back on the scares by the way. Whether she’s lurking, creeping, or waiting to grab some unsuspecting victim, she’s always just a little bit closer to scaring us all half to death.

This concludes our list of the four scariest demons in the Conjuring universe. We love to hate them until we make the mistake of watching these movies with the lights out. Then we’re too petrified to feel anything. Sure, these monsters have left one heck of an impression on our ability to sleep alone at night. But it was totally worth it, right?

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2023

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