The Nun 2 Parents & Age Rating Guide

The Nun 2 may be too scary for younger kids.

by Mike Bedard
Image: Warner Bros.

The Nun 2 follows the footsteps of previous outings in The Conjuring universe by having an R rating. It’s received this rating from the MPA due to “violent content and some terror.” As such, this is a horror movie you should probably leave the kids at home if you want to see it in theaters. Assuming you’ve seen the first Nun movie, you should have a good idea of what to expect, and The Nun 2 will likely be too gruesome for younger viewers.

Why Kids Probably Shouldn’t See The Nun 2

With an R rating, people under the age of 17 can’t see it without parental supervision. Some adults out there may think their kids can handle it, even if they’ve seen previous Conjuring installments. The reason for this is that The Nun 2 director, Michael Chaves, told CBR that the sequel would be far more intense than what audiences have seen before from this franchise, “I think that this does get darker. Even audiences have said this when we screened it. It is definitely more violent than what they expected from a Conjuring movie.”

The “violent content” aspect is one thing. The trailer offers a hint of the kind of pain the titular nun, Valak, will inflict on the rest of the characters. However, the idea of “terror” is far more nebulous. It hints at the idea of an uneasy sense of dread throughout the movie, and that could be far more traumatizing for young children. It’s worth bearing in mind the original Conjuring movie had an R rating simply for “terror” even though there wasn’t any blood in it. It’s part of what makes this series stand out from others in the horror genre.

You probably don’t want your kids to have nightmares for weeks on end after seeing The Nun 2. It’s best to see this one without the kids and instead take a spouse or group of friends … if you dare.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023