What happened to Morgan in The Walking Dead?

Morgan from The Walking Dead becomes one of the most interesting characters in canon.

by Mike Bedard
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The Walking Dead has spawned numerous beloved characters over the years, from Michonne (Danai Gurira) to Daryl (Norman Reedus). But one of the most engaging characters to pop up periodically has to be Morgan Jones, portrayed by Lennie James. He’s one of the original characters as Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) meets him and his son, Duane, shortly after getting out of the hospital in the pilot. These two are the ones who explain to Rick that a zombie apocalypse broke out while he was unconscious. Rick owes a debt to Morgan, and while he sets out for Atlanta, Morgan decides to stay behind. They make an agreement to meet up, and viewers see how much Morgan means to Rick when he continually tries to contact him. It wouldn’t be the last time audiences see Morgan, as he becomes somewhat of a recurring character throughout the series, developing a strong sense of characterization.

Morgan’s Time on The Walking Dead

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Morgan appears again in The Walking Dead in Season 3, but he’s worse for wear. After a misunderstanding, he reveals how he was unable to kill the zombie version of his wife, who ended up killing Duane. His mental state isn’t in a good place, but Rick still offers him a place within their troupe. Morgan declines, insisting that death is inevitable.

Morgan appears again in Season 5 on the railroad tracks to Terminus. Once he reaches Father Gabriel’s church, he discovers a note written by Abraham about the world relying on Rick Grimes, informing Morgan that he’s still out there. Later that season, he saves Daryl and Aaron (Ross Marquand), and they invite him to join them in Alexandria, and he accepts knowing Rick is there. From Seasons 6 through 8, Lennie James is a main cast member, and he receives his most substantial character development in the Season 6 episode, “Here’s Not Here.”

It delves deeply into Morgan’s character and how he learned life lessons from the book The Art of Peace, teaching him to “completely avoid killing, even the most evil person.” Unfortunately, that mantra comes back to bite him when some Wolves he refused to kill end up getting inside Alexandria. Morgan remains in Alexandria until the Season 8 ending, but a new adventure would be in store for him.

Morgan Crossed Over Into Fear the Walking Dead

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Morgan appears again in Season 4 of the spinoff series, Fear the Walking Dead. He’s a main character on that show from Seasons 4 to 8. He meets a new group of survivors who could use his guidance, and his original plan is to bring them to Alexandria. However, he soon realizes that they don’t need that society as they can build a new one for themselves.

From there, Morgan goes through trials and tribulations, and in Season 8, he meets his beloved Grace (Karen David). The two fall in love, and the last time we saw him, they were still together and happy. It’s a beautiful character arc for Morgan who went from losing everything when his son died to having a genuine second chance.

With so many Walking Dead spinoffs coming down the pipeline, there’s always a chance Morgan could return. But perhaps it’s better if he’s allowed a happy ending in the middle of the apocalypse.

- This article was updated on October 3rd, 2023

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