Who is Enoch in Ahsoka?

Who is the Star War galaxy's latest mysterious masked warrior?

by Drew Kopp
Image: Lucasfilm

Introducing new characters to the Star Wars universe has been close to the bottom of Ahsoka‘s list of priorities. Still, the few who have debuted in the series have quickly become fan favorites. The series’ sixth episode, “Far, Far Away,” devotes most of its runtime to the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger. However, it also introduces Enoch, a mysterious Stormtrooper commander many fans believe may be tied to the Dark Side of the Force. Here’s everything you need to know about Enoch and the role he could play in Ahsoka.

Who is Enoch?

Image: Lucasfilm

When Grand Admiral Thrawn steps on-screen for the first time in Ahsoka, his every step is dogged by Enoch, an aloof soldier who wears a modified Stormtrooper helmet that has been fused to a disturbing golden mask. Introduced to Morgan Elsbeth (and therefore the audience) as the captain of Thrawn’s guard, Enoch is the latest in a long line of mask-wearing enforcers who silently serve at the side of a greater, far more outspoken evil.

While Enoch’s position as Thrawn’s bodyguard is a clear indicator of Enoch’s loyalty to the Grand Admiral, he is notably less ruthless than most other Stormtroopers. The golden-faced commando goes out of his way to honor Tharwn’s agreement to allow Sabine Wren to search for Ezra without a hint of reluctance. He even gives her an unpromoted warning about the dangerous nomads that roam the planet of Peridea, showing a degree of honor that few others of his ilk have.

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Enoch and the Night Troopers Might be a Nod to Star Wars Legends‘ Death Troopers

Image: Lucasfilm

Within hours of “Far, Far, Away’s” premiere, Star Wars fans began to speculate that there was more to Enoch and his fellow Stormtroopers, referred to as “Night Troopers” in subtitles, than meets the eye. Many quickly noted that the Night Troopers seemed almost lifeless, rhythmically chanting Thrawn’s name as he approached Eslbeth and moved around like puppets strung up on strings as they loaded mysterious crates onto Thrawn’s personal Star Destroyer, leading many to speculate that they might be undead.

The main crux of this theory lies in Thrawn’s alliance with the Great Mothers, a trio of crimson-robed, Force-wielding witches who are deeply tied to the Nightsisters of Dathomir. The Nightsisters were powerful Force-Wielders who could use the Dark Side to perform some twisted feats of power, including raising the corpses of their dead to fight on their behalf. “Far, Far Away” establishes early on that the Nightsisters hail from Peridea, and the Great Mothers are shown to be capable of using the Dark Side “Magick” that made the Nightsister so deadly.

Given that the mysterious Inquisitor Marrok was proven to be a reanimated corpse magickally puppeteered by Elsbeth, every soldier in the Night Trooper legion may be an undead being sustained by the terrifying power of the Great Mothers. Whatever the Night Troopers are, it’s clear that they and Enoch pose a massive threat to the galaxy.

- This article was updated on September 20th, 2023

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