Who Plays Batman in The Flash? Every Batman Actor to Appear

Who will play Batman in The Flash? Here is every actor set to appear, both confirmed and rumored.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: DC Entertainment

Are you wondering who plays Batman in The Flash? Here is every Batman actor to appear and a few rumored ones that may surprise everyone. The Flash will take us into DC’s version of the Multiverse, where we will see multiple versions of Bruce Wayne and Batman. What’s exciting is we see actors return to the iconic role, potentially not for the last time.

Who is Playing Batman in The Flash

The Flash draws inspiration from the Flashpoint comic, incorporating an alternate Batman alongside Bruce Wayne. As a result, The Flash will showcase two different actors playing two versions of Batman. Additionally, The Flash will delve into DC’s multiverse, linking various universes and characters from past media.

Michael Keaton (Confirmed)

Image: DC Entertainment

It has been confirmed that Michael Keaton will reprise his role as Batman from the iconic movies Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992). He will play an integral part alongside Ezra Miller’s The Flash. In The Flash, we will witness an older Bruce Wayne and Batman, portrayed by Keaton, as the Flash lands in his timeline. The two superheroes will join forces to return to the Flash’s world and combat villains, all while trying to save the world.

Ben Affleck (Confirmed)

Image: DC Entertainment

It came as a shock when Ben Affleck reprised his role as the Dark Knight, despite “retiring” from the character after seven years. However, it appears that he returned due to the minor scale role, which was less demanding on him. In the Justice League live-action film, we witnessed Affleck’s Batman form a bond with Barry Allen and act as a mentor to him. In addition, he was responsible for designing the Flash’s new suit in the film. The conclusion of Affleck’s storyline is rumored to mirror that of Batman’s in the Flashpoint comic, signifying his departure from the franchise.

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George Clooney (Confirmed)

Image: Warner Bros.

James Gunn has stated that The Flash will serve as a way to reset the DCU. Along with the DCU reset, we will see Henry Cavill’s departure as Batman and an unknown new actor become Batman. However, it appears we will see the surprise return of George Clooney as Batman from the same universe in Batman & Robin (1997). This is supposedly confirmed during the post credits scene when we see Barry Allen trapped in the timeline as Clooney’s Batman. However, this doesn’t mean that we will see Clooney step in as Batman for the DCU because Gunn shut that down in a tweet back in February:

Adam West (Rumored)

Image: 20th Century-Fox Television

Per rumors from famous insider and leaker @MyTimeToShineH, we will see a CGI version of Adam West’s Batman tv series, which ran from 1966-1968 for three seasons and 120 episodes. West’s CGI appearance as Batman in The Flash is still unconfirmed and should be treated as a rumor for now, but with how the Flash will travel through various universes in the film, this isn’t out of the question.

- This article was updated on September 7th, 2023

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