Who Plays The Nun in The Nun 2?

Meet the talented actress who plays Valek in the Nun movies.

by Kiona Jones
who plays the nun
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Bonnie Aarons is the distinct face behind Valak in The Nun and its upcoming sequel The Nun 2. She first appeared in The Conjuring where the Demon Nun became an instant hit with horror enthusiasts and critics alike. She’s since made a career out of flying out of doorways and lurking in the shadows.

Valak has become an iconic movie monster, up there with other newcomers like Annabelle and classics like Freddy Krueger. Her signature nun outfit and pasty gray face have certainly left their mark on enough nightmares. Now, let’s talk about the actress behind the magic of The Nun.

Bonnie Aarons Becomes Valak the Demon Nun

Image: Warner

Underneath the heavy makeup and gory prosthetics lies a surprisingly lovely human being. Bonnie Aarons has been making a name for herself since 1994. While she’s mostly played background characters, Director James Wan was quick to bring her into the franchise based on her distinct looks alone.

Ironically enough, Aarons did initially realize she was even auditioning for The Conjuring 2. All she knew was that she expected to show up in dark clothes and be her creepy best. Wan and company must’ve seen something they liked because they hired her pretty much on the spot. Talk about a lucky break!

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What Other Movies Has Aarons Acted In?

Image: Universal Pictures

Aarons is a lovely woman with unique features, but she doesn’t exactly fit the mold of mainstream beauty standards. Many executives tried to get her to call it quits before she even gave her career a chance to soar. Jokes on them, though, since she went on to pick up memorable roles in horror movies like Drag Me to Hell and I Know Who Killed Me. In Mulholland Drive, Aarons was the creepy hobo who popped out from behind a wall and nearly scared a guy to death. It must’ve been good practice for Valak because she’s been doing more of the same ever since.

Before defiantly making a name for herself, Aarons portrayed Baroness Joy von Troken in The Princess Diaries and The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. She also played background characters in surprisingly upbeat movies like Shallow Hal and Valentine’s Day.

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Who is Valak?

Valak is the Demon Nun who left fans screaming in terror in The Conjuring 2. She’s the wicked shape-shifting entity targeting other nuns in The Nun. Starting September 8, she’ll be returning to go toe-to-toe once more with Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) in The Nun 2. As the Conjuring franchise grows, more of Valak’s backstory will be revealed and she’ll continue scaring the pants off anyone brave enough to watch her without covering their eyes. The Nun 2 picks up four years after The Nun, but it’s anyone’s guess what she has in store for fans next.

- This article was updated on September 5th, 2023

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