13 Minutes of Valorant Mobile Gameplay Leaks Online

This recent leak will have a lot of players even more excited about this mobile game.

by Carlos Hurtado


A new Valorant Mobile gameplay was leaked several hours ago, and the 13-minute long video gives a lot of information about the game and all the elements that were carried over from the PC version.

Many Triple AAA titles are trying to cover as many platforms as possible, and with the crossplay capability that new technologies offer, is a no-brainer to cover the most amount devices as possible. The mobile gaming market has also been getting its share of ports in recent years, and many developers are trying to get versions of their best titles on these handheld gaming consoles.

Recently, some Valorant Mobile gameplay leaked on Youtube, and it showed how good the port is shaping up to be, and many players are already excited about this new entry into the mobile gaming market. The 13-minute-long gameplay video shows a lot of the same in-game elements present on its PC version. The recording shows a match on Bind as Phoenix, the match is fairly short comparing it to the 24 rounds players have to endure to get a win, but that is not the only difference found in the gameplay.

The game’s controls are simple, so mobile gamers will be at home with them. The buying menu offers the players some recommended builds, giving players three different load-outs to choose from if they do not want to buy each item separately. All the guns from the PC version are present, but the gameplay did not show any weapon skins, so maybe they are still working on migrating them into the mobile framework.

One thing that sticks out from the Valorant Mobile gameplay is the hitmaker feature, giving players feedback every time they hit a player. Something that is not present on the PC version. Besides this difference, the game’s graphics are almost identical to the PC version, so most players coming from PC  will not feel like they are playing a downgraded version of the game.

All in all, this gameplay leak shows how far the mobile version of this game has come to be. All this could mean a lot for the mobile Esports scene; having a title like this could propel said industry and give more opportunities in the long run. Riot Games is not the only one making moves on the mobile market; an Apex Legends mobile version is also in development, so do not be surprised if you see any new information regarding these two titles.

Valorant Mobile does not have an official release date.

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