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Second Analog For Nintendo 3DS Will Hit Stores on Dec 10th

by William Schwartz


The is holiday season Japanese 3DS owners will get the opportunity to expand their Nintendo 3DS experience with the monstrosity of an add-on that gives users a second analog nub for their gaming.  The December 10th release date was announced at the Tokyo Games Show as well as the price which will hit retailers at $19.50.

The attachment which acts like a casing for the handheld also requires a single AAA battery for operation.

Developers have already begun to incorporate the new functionality into Nintendo 3DS games.  Monster Hunter, Biohazard Revelations, Ace Combat 3D, Dynasty Warriors VS, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater will all utilize the feature.

No word on when or if the add-on will go worldwide.  Have a look at the first official, somewhat blurry image of the add-on, below.


Source: Kotaku

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