Here’s What Naughty Dog Should’ve Done Differently With Uncharted 3

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Many have called Uncharted 3 one of the greatest games ever made.  That’s no small feat from the team at Naughty Dog but there are certainly some things that we like to see done a little better on the next go round.

1 – Fix the gunplay.  The action sequences are fun and all, but the gunplay in Uncharted is still subpar when compared to other cover shooters.  Yes, the PlayStation 3 is capable of some amazing visuals but that doesn’t make up for sound action when it comes to shooting.

2 – Give Nathan Drake some optional romance options.  Think Mass Effect here, Naughty Dog.  Why shouldn’t a modern man like Nathan Drake have the opportunity to romance who he chooses.  Think about it for the sequel.

3 – More action set-pieces.   Seriously give us more of these, how about a whole game full of these, actually.

4 – Talk to the head honchos over at Sony and release this masterpiece on the Xbox and PC.  Everyone deserves to get a little piece of that Nathan Drake love, see #2.

5 – Fix the multiplayer.  Uncharted 3 multiplayer is really poor when compared to contemporary shooters.

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