A Fortnite Mode Without Building is Being Tested By Epic

A stripped down version of the game can potentially bring in more players

by Elliott Gatica
fortnite armored walls

It seems as though Epic Games may introduce a playlist where players cannot build in Fortnite. Gathering materials and using them to build massive structures is one of the more unique aspects of Fortnite.

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A mode without one of the core components of the game can definitely be an interesting one. While nothing has been set in stone yet, there have been fan-made creations and speculations about a mode where building is disabled in this popular battle royale game.

A Twitter user who goes by the screen name “GMatrixGames” sent out a Tweet reading the following:

This does look like something that is datamined and is passed around the many gimmick and bot accounts that cover leaks and shop updates. Nothing is confirmed yet, but oftentimes, these do tend to be accurate to some extent. Since this mode is supposedly being “tested”, this can mean that maybe building can still be a thing, but will be something hopefully similar to the style of play that popularized the game back in Season 3 (2018).

If there is actually going to be a mode without building in Fortnite, this could be huge. Many players are turned off by the fact that a big part of the game’s meta is more so about building (especially editing). One second, you can be shooting at a player. The very next, they would have created a giant structure where they can essentially lose you to heal up or catch you off guard.

It can be frustrating to be the better shot, but be beaten by someone who gathered more materials than you. There have been features in the past to help even out the playing field against turbo building and fast editing. The very controversial mechs have certainly made people who are extremely fast and building upset from how quickly those can destroy their structures.

One of the most enticing features of Fortnite is the number of crossovers and events that make the game a lot different in every season. There is essentially a skill barrier to join or really have fun with the game because of building. Naysayers might have the mindset that this is what makes this battle royale have the popularity it has. A separate playlist where casuals can essentially come in and not deal with giant structures can help keep the player base alive (though it’s already extremely populated).

The shooting and other random gimmicks in Fortnite can provide a completely different playground for people who want a stripped down version of the game. It’ll also bring in the opportunity to form new strategies.

Fortnite is out for free on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile devices.

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