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A Full List Of Managers In WWE 2K16

by Damian Seeto


A full list of managers that are available in WWE 2K16 has now been revealed.

Smacktalks was able to preview the game last week and released a new video showcasing some of the information they found out.

The interesting part was all of the available managers that you can select in WWE 2K16. Managers are supposed to have a bigger role in this game by aiding you in matches by distracting referees and more.

The known managers are: Paul Heyman, Paul Bearer, Bobby Heenan, Brad Maddox, Lana, Rosa Mendes, Gerry Brisco, Jimmy Hart, Col Robert Parker, Pat Patterson, Sherri Martel, Mr McMahon x2, Stephanie McMahon (Corporate), Miss Elizabeth, Ted Dibiase and Zeb Colter.

There are some interesting names included for sure. Brad Maddox as a manager seems like an odd choice. As for Zeb Colter, he’s been off TV for many months now, although people can still pair him up with Jack Swagger in the game.

The only person I have never heard of is Col Robert Parker. However, this guy used to manage Steve Austin back in his days in WCW.

WWE 2K16 will come out on October 27th for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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