A Large Number Of Xbox One Kinect Owners Still Use The Peripheral

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Microsoft is claiming that many Xbox One Kinect owners still use the device even though not many Kinect games have been released lately.

If we rewind back to November 2013, the Xbox One launched with the Kinect in every bundle. If you wanted the console, you had to buy the Kinect with it too. A few games such as Kinect Sports and Fighter Within were available for owners to buy.

In a new interview with Polygon, Microsoft’s Mike Nichols says that “the people with Kinect still make up a very, very sizable portion and that those people do use it quite frequently“. However, they are not using the device to play games anymore. Most of the time they are using it to navigate the UI and other things.

Polygon asked Nichols to tell them when we will see any new Kinect Xbox One games. After all, it’s been a long time since we have seen a Kinect-exclusive game. Nichols declined to comment other than saying Microsoft has not announced any yet.

It looks like original Xbox One owners still like to use the device on the interface. However, the device is not really used for any games anymore. Whether or not more Kinect games will be made in the near future remains to be seen.

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