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A Shark Dating Simulator Exists

by Dylan Siegler


We seem to be living in an age where Rule 34 of the internet (“if it exists, there is a porn of it”) has been increasingly extended to Dating Simulator games. There are Dating Simulators where you can date pigeons (Hatoful Boyfriend), dinosaurs (Jurassic Heart), Five Nights at Freddy’s characters (Five Nights of Love) and Nicolas Cage (Caging Me Softly). Now, another one to add to the list is Shark Dating Simulator XL, in which, you guessed it, you date sharks.

The game was recently reported on by Kotaku, which explained that the game is still in early access and currently only contains one dateable shark, aptly named Shark Chan, a busty, anthropomorphized shark. Like many Dating Simulators, even with only one dateable character, Shark Dating Simulator XL features multiple endings depending on the dialogue choices the player makes. If you are nice to Shark Chan, you will receive more Balls, whereas if you are mean, you will get Balls taken away. At the end of the game, you will play a mini-game in which you will want as many Balls as possible to complete. Winning or losing this mini-game will determine whether or not you have won Shark Chan’s heart. Apparently, playthroughs of this early version of the game only take about ten minutes each, so you should be able to see a variety of endings in a pretty short amount of time.

The game’s creator, Conan McPhee, has stated that he has plans to add more dateable sharks to the game as well as making other changes based on player feedback. As it currently stands, you can get the early version of the game on Steam for just one dollar. Be warned, though, as the game can be pretty crude with its language and sexual humor and stereotypically sexist depiction of women.

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