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A Special Look at the Blocks in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Update

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The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update is smoothly sailing along as we await the release of part 1 of this absolutely massive update to the game. Within part 1 of the update, the game’s caving and mining systems are getting a lot of new content added into it, especially in the form of blocks which also happen to be the focus of the recently released special look. A video was released in which Alexander and Bryan, a few of the people working on the update, give all of us a detailed rundown of some of the different blocks and changes we’ll be seeing in this update. Not all of it is new info, but they do clear up a few questions people might have about the update. Such as answering how players can obtain blocks that are going to be a part of biomes that haven’t been implemented yet. The video itself answers some questions like these but a breakdown of what some of these changes and additions mean will be provided.

Right off the bat, we’re told that around 90 new are going to be added to the game in this update. That’s certainly quite a few new additions for both survival and creative players to mess around with and enjoy. For creative players, it’s as simple as just opening up the creative menu and pulling out the new blocks. But for survival players, there are a few extra steps needed for some of the blocks. Some of the new blocks, such as deep slate, can only be obtained down towards the bottom of the world by bedrock. And as for blocks that won’t be fully integrated until Part 2 of the update, players will have to find a few source blocks that can be used to generate the rest of the new blocks. For instance, players can find moss either through trading or inside of chests, they can then use bonemeal on the moss to generate blocks from the planned lush cave biome. Another big change we get to see in this video is that ores such as iron and gold will now drop items that can be smelted into bars instead of just dropping the block, this means that the fortune enchantment will work on them. So all of this is some fun information to think over while waiting for the big release of the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update itself, alongside the snapshots leading up to it.

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