Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC to arrive on PS4 and PC on February 26

by AOTF Staff

The first downloadable content for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare dubbed “Havoc” will arrive on the PlayStation consoles and PC on February 26th. This map pack follows a familiar pattern for previous Call of Duty games. It features four new competitive multiplayer maps, a cooperative Exo-Zombies mode, and a new weapon.

We recently took a look at all facets of the new the Call of Duty content for the Xbox version in our Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC Review.

Our take on the content was that Call of Duty has seen better DLC packs over the years than what’s been released in Havoc. While the multiplayer maps are a nice extension to the competitive game, the Zombies mode was less inspired than those we’ve seen from Treyarch in the Black Ops series.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners have had access to the Havoc DLC ahead of this release as part of a timed-exclusivity agreement between Microsoft and Activision which gives all Call of Duty DLC a one month headstart on Xbox platforms.