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Advanced Warfare San Francisco Clan War Begins

by William Schwartz


The first Clan War for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is now live across all platforms, and has clans battling over San Francisco. All Advanced Warfare Clans with at least three members will automatically be enrolled in the San Francisco Clan War, but those who don’t currently have a clan or are looking for one will need to grab the Advanced Warfare Companion App to participate.


While all the action takes place in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare itself, the Companion App provides all the Clan management and Clan War tools. Clan members can see Clan details for the current Clan War by using the War Room and Battle View features to check out current performance, map control, and scoreboards for the event.

Gold Centurion Gear

Clan Wars in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare require Clans to hold down nodes on the map, by playing specific game modes associated with each location on the map. All nodes start off unoccupied, but as Clans start playing different modes they’ll begin to capture and earn Clan Points. The objective is to knock occupying Clans off of each node, or to defend those nodes if you are the occupying Clan. XP Bonuses and Clan Points accumulate over time, and the Clan with the highest number of points at the end of the event is deemed the winner of that division.

Clans who place first in Gold and Platinum Divsions will unlock the Gold Centurion Exo Skin. The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare San Francisco Clan War will run from December 5th until December 8th.

San Francisco Clan Wars Map


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