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Advanced Warfare seeing Day Zero connection issues for Xbox players, long install times [Update]

by William Schwartz


Call of Duty has built a reputation of the years as being a solid multiplayer experience, running into few snags, if any, in the connection department. This year however, Xbox One owners are being greeted with lengthy install times for the game, and once installed, multiplayer isn’t accessible.

While the install while you play feature is working properly, the single campaign can indeed be accessed fairly quickly with Advanced Warfare on the Xbox One, many users are being greeted by a message similar to the one in the image above.

An Xbox Live connection is apparently need for either the Competitive or Cooperative multiplayer, as Exo Survival is also seeing the service error message when trying to connect to Xbox Live.

Neither Xbox Support, Activision, or Sledehammer have addressed the connection issues at the time of this post.

As for the long install times, it’s something that Xbox boss Phil Spencer says the team is working on fixing in the future.

Update: Xbox Live issues seemed to have subsided for most Xbox One owners throughout the course of the day, but many users are still reporting long install times with the Xbox One version of the game, more specifically the digital one that many pre-loaded to their machines. Apparently, a glitch in the system has player install status going from “queued” to “installing”, without making much progress, or very slow progress.

Microsoft has issued a suggestion for those experiencing issues, and it’s essentially to delete the game and re-download it, along with any updates. The PlayStation 4 Digital version of Advanced Warfare has seen similar problems as well, with Sony offering the same advice as Microsoft, telling users to delete the pre-loaded content and re-download fresh.

- This article was updated on:November 3rd, 2014

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