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Xbox One Load and Install times a focus for future updates


Microsoft has offered a steady stream of updates to the Xbox One which have increased the functionality of the console in a number of ways, and apparently, they’ve got more on the way.  According to Xbox boss Phil Spencer, Microsoft has a number of updates planned out through October.

Spencer has updated fans via Twitter on the plans, and at least part of the focus will be on “Load times and install times”.

“Load times and install times are things I’m focused on,” says Spencer.

The comments from Spencer come in response to Xbox One Destiny Beta testers complaining to the executive about lengthy install times for the trial.  Users were complaining that the Xbox One version took significantly longer to download and install on the Xbox One over the PlayStation 4.  The Destiny Beta isn’t the first time this has been a topic of conversation for Xbox One owners.

When the reality sunk in for Xbox One owners that they’d need to wait for installation before playing any new game, the complaints started rolling in on day one.

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