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Affordable Space Adventures Free DLC Adds More Challenging Missions, Paid DLC Coming Soon

by Kyle Hanson


Affordable Space Adventures was easily one of our favorite Wii U games of this year. One of the few problems with it was that it was over so soon, which developer KnapNok Games looks to remedy with a free DLC update that will add some more levels to the game.

Five extra tough missions will be featured in this free update, which is slated to release some time after this Summer. “These new levels have been designed to take advantage of every single feature of the Small Craft, including some that players might not even be aware existed,” reads the press release. “Beating the puzzles within these levels will require heavy thinking, and precise maneuvering of the Small Craft, making it an ideal challenge both in single player and multiplayer modes.”

“We had lots of ideas for very tricky puzzles that we couldn’t find room for in the final release of the game. We hope the community will take on the challenge of these new levels”, says Lau Korsgaard, Creative Director at KnapNok Games. “Besides this free update, we still have lots of other plans for Affordable Space Adventures. In the future, we want to release a more substantial update as paid DLC that will expand the universe of Affordable Space Adventures and tell another chapter of the Uexplore story”

This post-Summer update will also address a number of bugs found in Affordable Space Adventures, many of which were reported to the developer via Nintendo’s Miiverse social network.

Affordable Space Adventures Accolades Trailer

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