So where was Alan Wake 2 at the Xbox One reveal?

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Depending on who you asked, Alan Wake 2 was expected to be announced as an Xbox One exclusive. The popular Xbox 360 title from Remedy might have taken it’s sweet time in making it to market this generation, but it was worth the wait.

Yesterday’s Xbox One reveal instead saw Remedy Entertainment reveal a brand new game, Quantum Break. But just because Quantum Break was on display at the Xbox One press event, doesn’t mean the company has given up on another Alan Wake title. No, they’ll be returning to do another Alan Wake game “When the time is right”, according to Same Lake, Creative Director at Remedy.

Lake issued a statement to fans via YouTube yesterday, and the full video can be found below. As for those waiting on an Alan Wake 2 announcement, it doesn’t look like that will be coming anytime soon.

And here’s a look at what Remedy is working on instead. The reveal trailer for Quantum Break is somewhat confusing if you don’t know much about Remedy’s previous projects. Putting two and two together, Quantum Break could very well end up being a game very much like Trion Worlds’ Defiance. The mixture of live-action and computer generated sequences indicate that Quantum Break could go alongside original cinematic content.

This makes a lot of sense when you take a look at the vision for the delivery of Alan Wake’s episodic content.

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