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Both Alan Wake Expansions Are Free Right Now

by Mike Guarino


If you’ve never checked out either of the Alan Wake expansions then now is your chance, as both of them are currently downloadable for free on Xbox Live.

The two expansions are called The Signal and The Writer, taking place after the events of the main storyline. The game itself is also on sale for $20, with the spin-off Alan Wake’s American Nightmare being available for $10.

Seeing as Alan Wake is backward compatible, you will be able to download through the stores on either Xbox One or Xbox 360. You can click here and here for the Xbox 360 link, or here and here for the Xbox One links.

Developer Remedy Entertainment recently released their first game since Alan Wake called Quantum Break, which is garnering solid reviews from critics. A sequel to Alan wake is possible, though there are currently no plans in the works for it.

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