Alan Wake Spoilers Aren’t True, Yes!

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Ok, so about a month ago when Heavy Rain was in it’s marketing climax, truthful rumors about the ending and plot twists of the game were spread across the internet.  Hitting nearly any site that was talking about Heavy Rain, it was hard to avoid.  I have to admit, they got me, I knew the outcome before I actually played the game.

So in a retaliation strike against an imaginary opponent an ambitious fanboy has started posting Alan Wake spoilers, and apparently they are posting them everywhere.  This site had a few and I’ve seen quite a few others with the same problem.

MikkiRMD over at the Alan Wake Forums just informed us that these spoilers are in fact fake, and ” The guy who came up with totally awe-inspiring blow against I-dont-even-know-what doesn’t know anything.  Don’t worry about it, dude’s talking out of his ass.”  Thank God.  I really tried not to look but I ran into them upwards of twenty times yesterday frequenting my normal video games sites.  Gotta give the fanboy credit he spread this rumor far and wide, but I’m glad to hear that my Alan Wake isn’t spoiled…Yet.

But really if it was true, do you think they would come out and say that it was?  While you’re thinking about that, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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