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Alien Isolation Trailer Roundup

by Danny Vittore


In Alien Isolation, you will be playing as Amanda, the daughter of Ripley, trying to find out what happened to your mother. During your investigation, you end up on a station that is infested by an Alien. Alien Isolation is a game being developed by Creative Assembly, a developer better known for their Total War series, but currently looking into expanding their repertoire.

With release being less than a fortnight away, we will quickly run through with you some of the more recent trailers and give you a quick analysis on each, thus we will start with a trailer that you would have probably seen.

Official Gamescom CGI Trailer

This trailer doesn’t tell you very much about gameplay, it’s CGI after all, but it gives you a look at the character you will be playing as (Amanda) and does a pretty good job at setting the tone (one of spookiness). And definitely, the improvisation and techniques that you see Amanda utilize in the trailer will be techniques you will be able to utilize yourself, as you shall see in the following trailers.


If you want to survive against the alien, you’re going to have to be smart and few things are smarter than purposefully misdirecting a dangerous monster beast by creating a distraction and legging it. Just make sure you don’t then immediately declare your whereabouts right after and get yourself killed. Improvisation will be key to survival in this game.

In The Vents

This trailer shows the device that we see getting made in the CGI trailer for tracking the alien. It also shows that there are many places you can traverse within the station, such as vents, in order to attempt to get away from the alien, but if it comes down to a foot race, you’re dead.

Don’t Shoot

It’s confirmed. You aren’t the only living human left on the station. However, the other living humans don’t necessarily like you and they shoot at you. Don’t be fooled into shooting back and killing them though, you have more dangerous things to worry about and by shooting, you just telegraphed your position to it. Not that your bullets are going to be overly helpful in fighting it…

No Escape

If the alien can see you, it’s probably already too late. Don’t make obvious movements and sounds or you’re going to get impaled.

Hear You Scream

Even if you follow all of the above lessons, don’t expect to survive too long. Alien Isolation is set to be released on the 7th of October for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

Are you excited by the prospect of being hunted down by an Alien in Alien Isolation? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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