All SEGA Remakes Announced at The Game Awards

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by Davi Braid
Image: SEGA

Oh, boy! It’s time for some excitement. It appears that SEGA has rekindled its affection for its own IPs, announcing at least five remakes at The Game Awards.

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Perhaps they’ve finally recognized the potential they’ve always held and decided to have faith in their abilities. Or they might have noticed the success of Square-Enix and Capcom with remakes and chose to join the trend.

All We Know About the Upcoming SEGA Remakes

To be clear, it’s uncertain whether all these games are actual remakes. They could be full reboots, soft reboots, or complete remakes of the original games. Our only hint comes from the lyrics of the selected music played during the trailer. The lyrics say, “Let me reintroduce you,” before revealing the following games:

Jet Set Radio

Image: SEGA

Jet Set Radio is considered by many the first cel-shaded game. Although this is debatable when it comes to the launch date, we first saw this technique in 1999, when SEGA first introduced us to their upcoming rollerskating game that looks good up to this date. It doesn’t seem like SEGA is trying to reinvent the wheel here, which is good. Just give us the same art style, and the same overall gameplay, and make it better.

Streets of Rage

Image: SEGA

We get to see Axel Stone in a new look. He has a beard and a brown jacket. So, this isn’t exactly the Axel Stone we remember from the first three Streets of Rage games, nor is he the one we saw in Streets of Rage 4. Is this a remake? Is this a sequel? I don’t know, but I wanna play it.


Image: SEGA

We are getting a new Shinobi game and I couldn’t be more excited about it. As much as I loved Shinobi on the PS2, and I still hope they revisit that game in some way at some point, this old platformer has such an emotional weight that I believe this was the right choice. The game looks gorgeous, and elegant, and seems to have all that you’d expect from a modern platformer game about a badass ninja.

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Golden Axe

Image: SEGA

It appears that a new 3D Action Adventure Multiplayer Hack’n Slash Golden Axe game is coming, and I’m all for it. We get a quick look at Gillius Thunderhead and what seem to be Ax Battler and Tyris Flare. This is one of the best SEGA franchises, and I hope they get it right.

Crazy Taxi

Image: SEGA

If there’s one thing SEGA has always excelled at, it’s creating fun racing games. Crazy Taxi is coming back and I’m pretty confident that this is going to be a fun game. This seems to be a common theme in all these announcements. They seem to be aiming at fun and nostalgia, and I can’t say that is a bad strategy.

There’s More


SEGA has hinted that there’s more on the horizon. Unfortunately, they’ve kept us in suspense about what these might be. So, while we eagerly anticipate the return of these classic games, we can also look forward to the thrill of the unknown. Whatever it is, I’m excited.

- This article was updated on December 8th, 2023

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