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All SoulCalibur VI Season Pass DLC Planned for Release Before the End of Summer

Two more characters and a Character Creation Set are still on their way.

by Dylan Siegler


The sixth mainline entry in the SoulCalibur series was released last year and since its release it has been getting DLC in the form of additional playable characters and costume sets for its character creator feature. Bandai Namco has kind of just been releasing these DLC packs as their development is finished without any kind of a strict schedule that fans can keep track of. However, a broad timeline has recently been laid out.

In a recent Q&A, Bandai Namco answered a number of questions about SoulCalibur VI. One of these questions was about when fans could expect the rest of the game’s DLC, to which Bandai Namco replied that they plan on releasing the three remaining DLC packs by the end of this summer. With the DLC characters Tira and 2B, as well as Character Creation Set A, already available, the rest of the game’s Season Pass consists of Amy as a DLC character, Character Creation Set B, and one last DLC character that has yet to be revealed. Summer ends this year on September 22, so Bandai Namco has about six months to release the last three DLC packs.

Interestingly, the phrasing of the question about the upcoming DLC was “Can you let us know the DLC release timing? Maybe just the season?” which would seem to imply multiple seasons of DLC beyond the first Season Pass. Of course, if Bandai Namco is just repeating a fan’s question verbatim, then this might not mean anything. However, some datamining efforts have found what appear to be more character files in SoulCalibur VI beyond the two unreleased DLC characters from this first Season Pass, so perhaps a Season 2 Pass is being planned after all. Obviously, this is just fan speculation at this point, so it is probably best to not get your hopes up for another season of DLC unless it is officially confirmed by Bandai Namco.

SoulCalibur VI is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Season Pass is available for $30, with each DLC character and Character Creation Set also available for individual purchase for $6 each.

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