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Amiibo Situation Forces Major Retailer to Change Policies

by Kyle Hanson


Play-Asia might not be on the same level as Target, Wal-Mart, or Gamestop, but in the Japanese import game they are among the biggest and best. So it is surprising to see that they have had to make a number of policy shifts in response to the current Amiibo situation, creating a maximum price and explaining how the importing of Amiibo works.

As of this post, we will introduce a price cap of 29.99USD on all current and future amiibos, regardless of rarity.

In the post on Reddit the team goes into detail about the current situation. Essentially Play-Asia received some stock of extremely rare Amiibo and listed them for sale at a higher price than normal, with one reaching as high as $34.99. The reaction to this was quite negative, with customers calling it greedy and anti-consumer.

Play-Asia has fought back by accepting the criticism, and creating a new maximum price for Amiibo of $29.99, regardless of the rarity of the individual figure. “We recognize that much of the community may still find this price unreasonable, but please do keep in mind this is the maximum price cap and we will be actively sourcing amiibo with the intention of bringing the price as low as we can reasonably do so.” Orders placed at the higher price will be adjusted to the new price, with Play-Asia taking the loss.

They then go on to explain how the pricing structure works, with Play-Asia relying on outside distributors for their stock. “Nintendo releases an (unannounced) number of amiibo into the market via their contracted distributors, who in return offer to retailers outside of Japan, like us.”

“The remaining unallocated amiibo held by distributors are traded at higher prices on a wholesale level before the official release date. If we want to allocate more quantity at the request of our customers we have to bite the bullet and buy stock at higher rates.”

A few other changes have been made to Play-Asia’s policies. Additional shipping options will be displayed for customers, all Amiibo orders can now be cancelled for a full refund, packaging is being reworked specifically for the unique dimensions of Amiibo, and Play-Asia is expanding their Japanese presence.

All of these changes show just how crazy the Amiibo situation has gotten, with a major importer like Play-Asia having to shift policies in response. This isn’t new though, as we’ve seen even bigger chains like Target create limits on how many Amiibo customers can buy. Hopefully Nintendo of America responds with greater stock for highly sought after figures soon.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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