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Among The Sleep: Enhanced Edition Launches on PS4 Today

What if the monsters under the bed and in the basement were real?

by Jacob Bukacek

Among the Sleep is the sort of game that can easily fly under the radar of gamers who aren’t already looking out for it. It’s a first-person horror game in which players take on the role of a two year old child dealing with monsters and other unknowns that go bump in the night. It’s exactly the sort of game many would find themselves interested in during the days leading up to release, only to forget about it completely once the day actually arrives. Today, horror fans on the PlayStation 4 have another chance to jump in and see what it’s all about.

Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition is basically a full overhaul of the original game with a couple of intriguing extras thrown in for good measure. The game sports enhanced visuals in the form of higher definition textures and improved lighting; it’s overall performance has been updated via fixes and an upgraded engine; the sound quality has been enhanced across the board, and players now have their choice of pajamas.

The extra content packed into Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition includes extra dialogue, digital art book and soundtrack available from the main menu, and even a brand new museum level that allows players to peruse never-before-seen footage and concepts from the game’s pre-launch iterations. It’s just about everything a re-release needs to please old fans and win new ones.

Among the Sleep’s developer, Krillbite Studio, hasn’t been resting on their laurels since Among the Sleep’s launch; they’ve been hard at work on a new project, titled “Mosaic,” for some time now. It’s not a first-person horror game, but it does look like it’ll be at least as surreal as Among the Sleep, and that’s a very good quality to have.

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