Among Us Comes to PlayStation and Xbox in December

Among Us will finally join the Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

by Carlos Hurtado


Among Us will be coming to consoles sooner than players expected. Looks like the small game turned worldwide trend is getting the console release that fans were waiting for. InnerSlot made a post on its Twitter page confirming the release of their game on Microsoft’s and Sony’s platforms.

Among Us was released back in 2018, at the time of its release; the game had less than 1000 players on its servers. Among Us’s future did not seem bright. That was until August of 2020, Among Us turned into a worldwide sensation almost overnight. Many content creators started streaming and playing the game with their audiences, spreading the word about the indie title that a few months back could not gather more than 800 players at a time. Since then, the game has received a lot of praise. The developing team behind it has been able to keep working on the game and porting it to other consoles and mobile devices.

Innerslot’s Twitter page made a post, sharing the upcoming release of the Xbox and PlayStation ports of their game. Now the console port has a due date, and most of the fans are excited about the release. Among Us is set to launch on December 14, exactly eleven days before Christmas. Something they did not talk about in the blog post was account linking, but someone on Twitter asked them about it, and they delivered an answer rather quickly.

If you are one of the many fans that have an account on Steam or any other platform, you will be able to link your existing account to the console ports once they release. That means that all your items and accessories will be available no matter what platform you are playing from.

Among Us‘ console port was scheduled to release in this year’s September, however, the team behind the game released a blog post on October 4th explaining why they had not released the game on the Xbox and PlayStation platforms. On the post, the team remained hopeful of delivering the console port before 2022, but they did not release a launch date. That was until today.

Innerslot also announced that Among Us will feature crossplay, so you will be able to play with your friends no matter the console or platform. These are great news for fans that have been waiting for the console release for a while. This feature is becoming a new standard for triple-A titles, so it’s good to see that the indie developers are implementing it.

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