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Analyst Predicts The Elder Scrolls 6

by William Schwartz


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim may have just launched a couple of months ago, but that’s not stopping fans and industry analysts from predicting what Bethesda has planned for their next title in the franchise.  Notorious games analyst, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities thinks it’s a no-brainer when talking about The Elder Scrolls VI.  When asked about the possibility of an Elder Scrolls VI title, the analyst pointed to the impressive sales statistics as the reason behind the continuation.

“I think Elder Scrolls is like James Bond, they can just keep re-inventing the franchise, it’ll never go away.  The idea that the game sold 10 million copies, of course they’re gonna do another one,” the analyst said.  “Maybe they’re gonna try to turn this [Skyrim] into a brand.  We saw this  with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the brand kind of became Modern Warfare.  I don’t know if we’ll see another Skyrim or they’ll do something else, but of course they’re gonna do one.”

Whether or not Bethesda has any concrete plans for a next Elder Scrolls game is up for debate, but the company hasn’t even announced the release schedule for the much anticipated expansion DLC content for their most recent release.  Tamriel is a big place indeed, and with plenty of space to expand and a next generation console on the horizon, perhaps we’ll see Bethesda Game Studios repeat history with a new RPG to ring in the next generation of consoles.

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