Anduin Finally Arrives in Heroes of the Storm

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After what felt like an eternity of teasing, Blizzard has finally unveiled the newest addition to their MOBA, Heroes of the Storm. In what was arguably one of the most predicted heroes to join the game, Anduin Wrynn, son of Varian the Alliance King, is officially part of the Nexus after today’s patch update. Despite some reservations about is combat prowessAnduin already looks like he’s going to fit in just fine as he brings some unique abilities to the fight.

While is he the son of a famous warrior, Anduin is a Ranged Healer, merely using his fathers sword Shalamayne as a standby in case things go sideways. However, due to his status as a Healer, Anduin’s basic attack strength leaves much to be desired, as does his overall health in battle. He makes up for this thanks to his insanely useful Trait Ability, Leap of Faith, which immediately pulls a hero to Anduins location giving them an Unstoppable status in the process. This is an excellent way to get someone out of imminent danger before they are taken out.

From here his abilities only grant him high levels of burst healing which is combined with some damage dealing as well. His first one, called Flash Heal, is just that, a very fast single-hero healing ability. However it’s his second one that enemies need to watch out for. Named the Divine Star, this ability strikes forward and delivers some modest damage to his opponents, which then returns to Anduin and heals himself as well as any allies that were in the line of fire.

His third ability, called Chastise, is a combined offense that does small damage, but Roots an enemy for just over 1 second. As all heroes in this game, Anduin has two Heroic abilities that can make or break the match. The first one, Holy Word: Salvation, is arguably the better of the two as Anduin summons a huge array of light that envelopes a small area healing all allies for 25% of their max health and Protecting them in the process from attacks. The second one, Lightbomb, is a cool offensive move where he imbues a hero with light before it explodes in the enemies face for decent damage. The hero then gains a shield which absorbs damage for 5 seconds.

Even though he was just added into the game, Anduin will undoubtedly be a top pick for some time. His reverse-peels doubled with his quick-burst abilities are almost ruthless when it comes to healing. Given the right team composition, and Anduin just might be the one carrying them to victory. Anduin is available to play right now in Heroes of the Storm, which is free-to-play on PC.

You can check out Anduin’s Hero Spotlight here:


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