Animal Well is First Game by YouTuber Dunkey Under His Publisher Bigmode

The first game from Dunkey's Bigmode is called Animal Well.

by Noah Nelson

If you are remotely up-to-date with the video game world, you’ve likely already heard of videogame dunkey, aka Dunkey, on YouTube. Famous for his love of Gex, Dunkey is known for being a funny game journalist as well as having a popular taste in good games. Because of this, many people are excited about the games Dunkey publishes through Bigmode.

Recently, Dunkey revealed his new indie publishing studio called Bigmode, and even more recently, we’ve learned that the first game announced from Bigmode is called Animal Well. Animal Well is created solely by Billy Basso who has 10 years of experience programming for big studios like Netherrealm, the studio behind Mortal Kombat 11. Dan Adelman, a big proponent for indie games at Xbox and Nintendo who had a hand in helping push Axiom Verge 1 and 2 is working with Billy Basso to market Animal Well.

Animal Well is described as a horror puzzle platformer. It sports pixel art and is 2D. Animal Well is a game that is said to have numerous mysteries that players will discover for years to come. There are a number of intuitive mechanics that allow for what looks to be fun puzzle-solving.

As we can see from the trailer, you’ll explore the world of Animal Well as a little frog-blob character. Animal Well has unique NPCs that could be friends or foes like dogs, swans, and ghost cats. and The world of Animal Well is dark while also staying beautiful and charming.

As more information about Animal Well rolls out, we’ll keep you updated. For now, know that Animal Well is a game Dunkey himself recommends. If you are interested in Animal Well, you can follow it on Twitter or join the Discord.

Animal Well is TBA and will be available on PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam

- This article was updated on January 9th, 2023

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