Another New Sekiro Trailer This One Showing Protagonists Backstory

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We are in a wealth of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice content with a second trailer dropping this week. The first one was a quick look at the design of the Corrupted Monk, and luckily, this one features a bit more information. We are treated to a look at the bloody nature of the Sengoku era of Japanese History, and to an extent the bloody nature of Shadows Die Twice. While From has never shied away from bloodshed, their other titles depict it in more fantastical ways. Either from the undead or great beasts. This seems to paint the killing in a harsher, more grounded light, Evoking warfare more connected to reality. While Sekiro will no doubt lead to some mythical places the tie to real world history is going to be an interesting direction for the game.

We see the Protagonist Sekiro, meaning One Armed Wolf, as a young child soldier waiting to die on the battlefield. He is confronted by the person who will become his mentor and the leader of a powerful Shinobi clan called The Owl. The Owl see’s something in the young soldier, perhaps his lack of fear in the face of death, and takes him under his wing. In the closing line of the trailer it’s clear The Owl is surprised with how Sekiro has grown up, maybe because he has surpassed all expectations, but I sense some concern or apprehension in his voice. We know that Sekiro is no longer a member of the Shinobi gang, and is now tasked to protect a child king. Perhaps The Owl wasn’t expecting Sekiro to betray his father Figure and turn against the Shinobis.

I’m curious what others are thinking this trailer is trying to tell us about the game as a whole.

Watch the trailer below and let us know what you think:

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