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Another Update On The Driveclub Server Situation

by Damian Seeto


Evolution Studios has been kind enough to announce even more details on what has been happening to Driveclub’s servers lately.

The latest update from the Driveclub Facebook page says that “the majority of you are now able to get online and racing“. The team have managed to increase the stability of the game so you can earn more Fame points and play the game without the server crashing on you so often.

Driveclub’s server update has also improved the game’s matchmaking so players will now be “matched with more suitable players based on the type of internet connection you have“. Matchmaking for the game should be more reliable as of today. Before, things weren’t running so smoothly.

Evolution Studios concluded that Driveclub’s servers are continuing to be worked on. A significant update will be released later this week that should improve things. The update is said to “boost connectivity and provide a better overall experience“.

Evolution Studios has not fixed the Driveclub servers just yet, which means the free PS Plus edition will not be coming out until it’s done. Once the servers are going at 100 percent, only then should we see the free version released on the PlayStation Store.

Evolution Studios will just continue to give us updates via the Facebook page until then.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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