Ant-Man’s Mid-Credit & Post-Credit Scenes Explained

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Ant-Man’s release is finally here after much waiting, coming as the second Marvel Cinematic Universe movie to hit theaters in 2015 following Avengers: Age of Ultron. Just like every Marvel Studios movie so far, there was a scene in the credits, this time bringing us one in the middle of and one following the credits.

Starting off, there are obviously going to be major spoilers for the film here, including not only the two scenes, but how they tie into prior scenes during the movie. So if you do not want to be totally spoiled, stop reading now.

At the conclusion of the movie, the stylized credits start as always that show some of the higher ups involved, as well as the lead actors and actresses. At this point it cuts to Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his daughter Hope van Dyne (Evangeline Lilly).

For the first portion of the movie, Pym is very closed off to Hope, especially by lying to her about how her mother really died. Eventually, he reveals that she had joined him on his missions under the name Wasp in a suit that basically looked like a variation of Ant-Man that could fly. By going subatomic, she was seemingly lost forever and this is the reason why he would not let Hope use the Ant-Man suit and instead passed her over for Scott Lang (Paul Rudd).

So within this mid-credits scene, he tells her that he realizes that he can’t hold her back and that she is ready. At this time he opens a door to reveal a costume that looks much more like the comic version of Wasp. Pym tells Hope that he and her mother were working on this costume up until she went subatomic and he now wants the two of them to finish it together. Even better, this scene is capped with Hope responding “It’s about damn time.”

While the mid-credits scene was based entirely on Ant-Man, the post-credits scene is the one that truly ties into the future. One of the biggest surprises, though it was kind of spoiled in recently commercials, was that Falcon (Anthony Mackie) had a pretty decent role in the movie when Lang went to the new Avengers Academy to steal some former tech of Pym’s to use in the heist of the Yellowjacket suit.

Falcon got beat pretty handily by Ant-Man and we thought that would be it. Instead, the final scene of the actual movie had the absolutely hilarious Luis telling one of his stories about a new tip, which it ends up came from Falcon looking for this shrinking guy.

The post-credit scene has Falcon walking into a room where even more surprisingly, Captain America (Chris Evans) appears. At this point, Falcon shows Cap that he has found what they were looking for, the Winter Soldier himself, Bucky (Sebastian Stan).  Falcon asks Cap if they should bring Tony in on this one, but he quickly says no, especially with Tony’s “accords.” They talk about who can they trust, where Falcon says “I know a guy.”

This obviously refers to Ant-Man, which is going to likely be the way he’s brought into the fold for next year’s Captain America: Civil War. This seems to show us that he will be aligning with Captain America’s side more than likely in this case.

The interesting part is that supposedly this scene is actually taken directly from Civil War according to Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige. This means there is a very good chance we’ll see Falcon manage to actually track down and apprehend Bucky in the movie, and then lead to an extended version of this scene.

Also, the “accords” they mentioned are likely a variation of the Registration Act from the comics and they are introduced in the movie prior to this scene. Civil War is the next Marvel movie to come out, so we do have a little bit of a wait ahead of us, but this scene did an excellent job at setting it up, along with the possibility of Wasp showing up alongside Ant-Man in the movie as well.

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