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Astral Chain: A New Game by Platinum

Platinum's New Title is a Cyber-punk Synchronized Action Game

by Jordan Kamm


Platinum Games, know for titles like the Bayonetta series and Neir: Automata is releasing a brand new property Astral Chain. This new game looks to be another Spectacle Brawler, the type of game that Platinum does best. Games focused entirely on beautifully choreographed fights with players needing to pull off massive combos to achieve a high rank for each level.

Astral Chain is set in a cyber-punk futurist city in what seems to be the middle of an invasion from otherworldly monsters. You play as a member of the special police protecting the city. However, there’s a bit of a catch. You’re character is bound to powerful bio-weapon named Legion. You aren’t controlling just one character but two. Astral Chain will focus on synchronized combat, utilizing both characters simultaneously to overcome this threat to the world.

Astral Chain is bringing in Platinum’s heavy hitters. Amazing Developers who have worked on Bayonetta, The Wonderful 101, and Devil May Cry. The game will be Directed by Nier: Automata’s Takahisa Taura. With such big names working on the title, this is sure to be a massive hit, especially for long time Platinum fans.

Astral Chain is planned to release on August 30th 2019.

Watch the trailer here:

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