Awesomenauts Developer Announces New Game: Blightbound

Stylistic co-op dungeon crawler enters Early Access soon.

by Brandon Adams
Awesomenauts Developer Announces New Game: Blightbound

Imagine if you will a the art-style and presentation of Darkest Dungeon mixed with the gameplay of popular boardgame Gloomhaven. What you likely envisioned may look similar to Ronimo Games and publisher Devolver Digital’s next title, Blightbound. Set in a fantasy world that has since been consumed by darkness after a Pyrrhic-victory over the Shadow Titan, players will party up with three other adventurers either locally or online to cooperatively banish evil from the land once and for all.

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Per the description of the announcement trailer: “In Blightbound players will team up in groups of three heroes, locally or online, and venture down from their mountain refuge to face the abominations of the Blight. Heading out into the mist will see them explore dungeons, solve puzzles and fight a terrifying range of mystical and monstrous enemies. Each player will fulfill a role in the team, either as a warrior, an assassin or a mage. From these dungeon runs they can recover more heroes and loot to bolster their refuge. The refuge can also be expanded by recruiting more artisans, providing ways to craft items, train heroes and fulfill bounties. Each hero also has a personal journey to complete. Once finished, they can assist the artisans to make them even more useful.”

The Gloomhaven vibes are strong in Blighthaven. The game will release in Early Access sometime later this year on Steam ( leads directly to the store page), so for now you can wishlist it as we wait on further news. I dig the game’s art-style, which reminds me of Red Hook’s Darkest Dungeon. The combat looks snappy (which is no surprise, considering Ronimo’s work in Awesomenauts), and I’m curious to learn how much of an impact the town will have on the overall flow of the game. For now, here is the announcement trailer for Blightbound below.

- This article was updated on May 26th, 2020

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