Back 4 Blood Players Are Upset With High Difficulty and Special Spawn Rates

You are not the only one getting stomped while playing on Veteran difficulty.

by Carlos Hurtado


Back 4 Blood players have been having lots of difficulty problems since its release earlier this month. In Back 4 Blood’s beta, some players wanted a harder challenge, but it seems like the devs took the suggestion to heart.

Back 4 Blood is the spiritual successor of the Left 4 Dead series, sharing features like rare enemies, co-op gameplay, and more. Before its release, Back 4 Blood hosted a beta showing what they had prepared so far, and many players got to experience the game. Among the suggestions made by the community, a difficulty increase was one of them.

Bumpy release for Back 4 Blood as players find the game incredibly difficult at all skill levels

Now players are complaining about the increased difficulty they are experiencing while playing on Veteran and Nightmare. You can find posts on social media talking about the ridiculous difficulty levels and the special spawn rate that’s been on the game since its release. Some players claim to have special enemies appearing right in front of them. Reddit and Youtube are the main places where you can found complaints about the game.


According to some players and reviewers, the difficulty gap between the beta and the full game is wildly different. Some of them remember the veteran difficulty as something hard but achievable.

Most of the complaints are about the increased special spawn rate and the fact that enemies can spawn even behind cleared areas. This makes the experience a lot more difficult than players remember when playing Left 4 Dead. According to the developers, Back 4 Blood has an AI director that handles and throws challenges at players like in Left 4 Dead 1 & 2. Some players think otherwise, stating that it feels as if the game throws everything at you when it feels like it.

Another complaint was the lack of sound cues when enemies were close. Some players say that they are present, but with so many enemies spawning at all times, it is hard to tell from one another. On a Reddit post, a player suggested turning on the captions to be more aware of them.

Overall, the community is split on the difficulty problem. A small portion of the players say that after unlocking better cards, everything becomes easier, but most players don’t feel the same. Some players advise unlocking all the cards while playing on recruit difficulty before switching to veteran or nightmare to have a less challenging experience.

If you’re still wondering what difficulty level you should pick, go over to our article guide about what difficulty level you should go for in Back 4 Blood.

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